There are multiple options when it comes to choosing a water bottle, most of which make a difference when it comes to you enjoying your water bottle. Some water bottles are designed to benefit sportsmen, a few flasks are made to carry hot water, others are designed to be drank with two hands, etc. Chances are that whatever your water bottle needs are, there’s a water bottle designed to meet them. Read on to understand how there is a good water bottle, one that meets all your requirements.

Choose the safest material

Water Bottle

The first thing to do when picking a water bottle is to decide which material you want it to be made of. You may be tempted to go for plastic. Plastic is not the safest material when it comes to storing your water or other beverages. Plastic bottles, especially the ones that aren’t BPA-free, might leach toxins into your water, aren’t guaranteed to be recyclable, and are way less durable than glass or stainless steel. Although a glass bottle might make it to the list, being fragile and not convenient to carry might actually be reasons valid enough to not let it make it to the list! The safest material for a water bottle is stainless steel, as it is durable, has the option to be insulated, and does not contaminate its contents.

Pick the right size

stainless steel water bottle

You want to make sure your water bottle has the correct carrying capacity for the task at hand. A 250 ml water bottle will do you no good on a 15-mile hike, where you will need to replenish yourself with water routinely. If you plan to use your water bottle to carry other beverages, like soup, coffee, hot chocolate or even congee, you may want to choose an insulated flask, possibly with a wide mouth for easy loading and cleaning.

Invest in water bottles with flexible lid options

The cap that goes on top of your water bottle is one of the most important features. Typically, there are two type of caps, a quick access cap and a screw cap. The quick access cap or a sipper lid is designed to give you a small sip of water, while the screw on cap gives you full access to the mouth opening allowing you to guzzle your juices and beverages with flair. Most sports bottles only need a quick access opening, but casual water bottles tend to benefit from a larger screw top opening. If a water bottle comes with the flexibility such that you can use both the lids, go for it! You can use it as a sipper, perfect as a gym bottle; and you can also use it for your juices or water for your work with the screw-on gulper lid!


stainless steel water bottle

While you’re looking at the type of caps, make sure you’re also paying attention to the size of the openings. You not only want to make sure it’s convenient enough to drink from, but you also want to make sure its large enough to clean effectively. Make sure you can get a scrub brush down there easily. You also need to check if the bottle will comfortably fit in a bag you carry, your car door slots and is also slim enough so you can hold it easily!

With so many options available in market and many brands consciously deciding to go with manufacturing bottles made of stainless-steel and BPA free materials, picking a drinkware of your choice only gets easier. Choose a steel water bottle that you like, and one that meets all your requirements, for it is important to keep you hydrated and happy!