Stainless-steel water bottles are all the rage right now, and for good reason. The more studies that come out about plastic, the more we see that we should not be bringing it anywhere near our food. Read on to learn exactly why you need to ditch your plastic water bottle right now and make the switch to solid, good old, stainless steel.

Plastic Water Bottles Are Non-sustainable

The first thing we have to admit when talking about plastic water bottles is that they absolutely are not environmentally friendly. They are non-sustainable products that will inevitably contribute to the pollution crisis at some point in time. Now that we’ve discovered the ocean floor is slowly being replaced with plastic, this factoid is more important than ever. All plastic water bottles are bad for this reason; even the ones we think of as permanent. Eventually they will have to be tossed and replaced, and that will happen a lot sooner than with stainless steel.

Plastic Bottles Can Be Toxic Even If They’re not BPA Free

Most health-conscious people know that plastic water bottles often contain substance known as BPA, short for bisphenol A. It is a synthetic industrial chemical that is used in the plastic making process. It has been known to leach into your water and cause serious health problems over time. Make the switch to stainless steel water bottles and drink worry free.

The Plastic Water Bottle Energy Leaves a Huge Carbon Footprint

Plastic isn’t just bad because it has toxins and pollutes the planet. It also takes a tremendous amount of energy to create plastic. And since plastic is disposable by its very nature, this means that we will spend more energy producing new plastic bottles over time. Stainless steel water bottles are amazing because they have extreme durability; they are built to last a very long time. This means, you really should only have to buy them once in a year or so, as they don’t succumb to normal wear and tear. So, even though it takes more energy to produce one stainless steel water bottle, you will ultimately spend less energy over time.

Plastic Water Bottle Companies Do Not Use the Best Water Sources

One of the biggest selling points to using your own water bottle is that they let you pick your water source yourself. Many companies who sell disposable water bottles will use unfiltered tap water or add extra agents to it. When you have your own water bottle, you can take the time to find the best source of water to give yourself the best drinking experience possible.

Apart from being hazardous to human health, plastic is also a threat to the environment and wild life. Sustainable living starts with reducing the use of plastics in every home. When you switch to eco-friendly and healthier substitutes like stainless steel, not only are you making a healthier choice but are also doing your bit for the environment. Take a  tiny step towards sustainability and switch to stainless-steel water bottles, lunchboxes and storage jars today.