There isn’t enough stress on how essential water is for the body. With the temperatures taking a new high every year, the need for hydration is more crucial than ever. The mantra of 2 liters or eight glasses of water every day is something everyone keeps hearing, but how many really do follow it? A water bottle is not something people put a lot of thought into. It is one of the best ways to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Yes, a water bottle! Having a reusable water bottle can act as a reminder for you to keep sipping water throughout the day. So, which one do you own? Your bottle, other than carrying your water, should also be safe and healthy. It should also be eco-friendly. Choosing a stainless steel flask or bottle can prevent a lot of energy from being used over time. It will be your little way of contributing to nature. If you are still confused between a glass bottle and an insulated flask, here is a list of reasons why you should choose the flask.

1. Durability

water bottle

One of the best perks a flask can have over a glass bottle is that it is better for the environment with its passivation. The chromium used inside the stainless steel is meant to heal itself after it goes through minor damage or scratch as long as the oxygen is not present. This is great for all those times when your butterfingers have your bottle slipping from your hands. As alarming as that clanking sound is, you might well be assured that your bottle is safe. Even if the bottle is not completely healed, it might repair itself to the point where it is barely noticeable, having no impact on your ability to use the bottle. This is an advantage over glass bottles as the glass ones will break and shatter in pieces once you let them slip down. The best reason to get that stainless steel water bottle home, isn’t it? 

2. Multi-functionality

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Flasks have another fantastic feature; they allow you to store the liquid at your desired temperature. They are ideal for every season as they retain the liquid’s temperature as per your need. You can use it in cold winters for storing hot water, tea, coffee, or soup. In summers, you can carry chilled juices or cold water everywhere you go. These bottles offer you multi-usage. They give you the option of storing any liquid of your choice, saving your money from buying different bottles for different needs! This is in contrast to the glass bottles as they cannot store liquids at a temperature of your choice. Your liquid could be extremely hot or cold, but a few mins in the glass bottle will bring it to room temperature. They also come in different sizes for different uses! You can have one for picnics, one for home, one for daily use. This isn’t easy to find in glass bottles as they mostly come in standard sizes. 

3. Stylish Designs

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One of the best perks of owning a flask/stainless steel water bottle is that you can personalize it. There was a time when these bottles only came in the basic steel color. That was the infancy period of these bottles. With time, companies started manufacturing personalized and customized water bottles. They now come in different sizes, shapes, themes, colors, etc.! Every flask or sipper bottle is an accessory in your hand. Your bottle, along with your bag, phone, clothes, etc., is now a style statement. You can also get personalized bottles as presents for your family and friends! On the other hand, the glass bottles don’t come in a lot of designs, thus lacking in the aesthetics department. 

4. They Don’t Retain Flavors from Previous Drinks 

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As much as you would like to think that you can drink plain water 24/7, there will be times when you want to switch to a different beverage. Although you might frequently be drinking water, adding fruits like cucumber or lemon can permanently alter the taste of future beverages if you’re using a glass water bottle. Storing other beverages like tea, coffee, and juices, can, in fact, have more effect. The stains might be hard to remove, and you can smell the flavor all through the next few days. This is anything but pleasant. With high-quality flasks water bottles, all this can easily be avoided. Its properties are such that there is no persisting taste or smell in the bottle. So, whichever beverage you would have had the night before, you will only taste the water you store into it the next day. A stainless steel flask scores high in this feature when compared to a glass one. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to switch to those flasks!

5. Money-Saving

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If you’re an avid buyer of glass water bottles, you would’ve realized that it is burning a hole in your pocket. You would have to switch it every once in few months, if not weeks! Your stainless steel flask, with its longevity and durability, can last for years and even decades! This saves you from replacing bottles every now and then as these flasks are made of high-quality steel, which is meant to be strong and sturdy for a good amount of wear and tear. The glass bottles, however, are delicate and can break at any time. Hence, that one-time expensive buy is much better compared to spending money on glass bottles regularly.


You would be doing the environment a huge favor when choosing an insulated steel flask over any other kind. You can avoid many health issues, along with choosing something sustainable and safe. Besides being aesthetic, your bottle should also be a perfect choice for your family in all aspects. Stainless flasks/bottles were once a specialized product, and today they are a commodity. They are uber-cool, sustainable, environment friendly, and cater to all your needs. These few reasons are everything you need to why owning a flask/stainless steel water bottle is preferable over buying a glass one.