Did you know that, in Japan, it is a cultural norm among mothers to pack kids’ lunch boxes with food that not only tastes good, but also looks artsy, creative, colorful, and nutritious?

In fact, once the cooking is done, the average Japanese mother blocks as much as 90 minutes every morning just to arrange food in a way that makes her child smile!

We’re not talking colorful arrays of chunky vegetables next to a compact bed of well-cooked rice. Packing a Japanese-style lunchbox for kids is about meals that resemble popular cartoon characters, anthropomorphic animals, and flowers to make food look interesting!


But why such fuss over a modest home-cooked lunch, you may wonder! It all boils down to the single fact that most kids are picky eaters. Send them off with food that’s too mushy, too chewy, or drab-looking and you can surely expect them to return home with a hungry tummy.

Sounds like your kid? Welcome to parenthood! While the Japanese mothers have mastered the art of packing lovely-looking food in a bento, you can begin by packing a colourful meal in a Vaya Tyffyn for kids. The lunchboxes from Vaya are customized to satiate a child’s appetite.


Vaya tiffin boxes for kids, comes with partitions to help include variety and prevent mixing of foods. This range of stainless steel lunchboxes for kids also come in attractive themes. You can include eggs, pancakes, yoghurt, salads, curries and fruits in  this compact tiffin box using the partitions that come as part of the package! Pack lunch the Japanese way in a kids lunchbox and your child’s lunch is bound to look awesome inside and out!