There are so many food storage choices out there that an unknowing shopper can easily find themselves succumbing to choice overload. It’s that feeling you get when you walk into the fruits section and don’t even know where to begin picking the right apple. Well the answer for which type of kitchen storage containers to pick and which type of apple to pick are the same: it depends on what you need. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you definitely want to invest in honey crisp apples, but if you want something a combination of little bit tart and sweet, then you definitely want to pick up those wonderful pink lady apples.

Food jars and containers work more or less the same; the right container is highly dependent on the situation. Let’s take a look at the different food containers and determine what makes them work.

Different Types of Food Containers

First off, let’s all agree that plastic food containers should be absolutely avoided at all costs. Plastic is typically made using the compound Bisphenol A, also known as BPA. It is used in most epoxies and plastics as a type of binding agent. But it can leach into your food where it becomes toxic. If you have to use plastics, you need to be careful in looking for plastics that are free of bisphenol compounds, mainly BPA-free.

If you are planning to avoid plastic kitchen storage containers, there are only two real food container options: stainless steel and glass. They each have their own pros and cons that make them ideal for the correct circumstances.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel containers are rising in popularity for a good reason. They are the perfect material for both food storage and kitchen storage. You can pack your food in them and cart them off just about anywhere and your food and the box will be just fine. They are extremely versatile and durable among other things:

  • No chemical leaching
  • Durable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Very secure lids – so not spill proof.
  • Opaque and hence great for Indian spices and masalas
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Easy to carry around
  • Available with insulation


Glass has lots of great qualities on its own. Generally speaking though, glass food containers are better kept at home.

  • Glass containers are non-porous, meaning they are anti-bacterial
  • Microwave friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Can be presented on the table

However, when it comes to using glass containers or jars, an important point to be noted is how these jars could be fragile and need extra care while you use them or maintain them. On the other hand, insulated food jars are convenient to use and easy to maintain as well! In the end, it all comes down to how you will be using these jars under what circumstances! Choose well when you are shopping for your kitchen, it is one place where you love spending time and want everything to be perfect!