Lunch is an important meal of the day. It is the meal that helps you to sweep through the working hours until you call it a day at work. If you are someone whose shift starts at 8 am, or 10 am, it is understandable that you do not get enough time to have a hearty breakfast that you would have liked generally. So, all that you look forward to is lunch at work. But what happens if you open your lunch box of Nasi-Goreng and it is cold and has lost its freshness? That is an absolute bummer in your day. All, of us, look forward to a fresh, warm and delicious lunch. But what works behind keeping your lunch the way you packed it? A quality lunch box and a lunch bag. Check out the next few points which will help you to choose the best work lunch bag. 

Essential Factors You Need to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Work Lunch Bag

1. Insulated Lunch Bag

lunch bag

One of the most critical elements that you need to check when you are about to swipe your card for a lunch bag is that if it has insulation abilities. An insulated Lunch Bag will be able to hold the temperature for you. In case you decide to carry a fresh Indian chicken curry, the insulated lunch box will make sure that it stays warm and fresh even if you are in a chilly environment. Or, if you carry a gooseberry cheesecake, the insulated lunch box will make sure that it does not turn soggy and lose its texture due to a warm or humid environment. Get a lunch bag with fine insulated interiors today!

2. Spacious Lunch Bag Which Can Fit Other Items as Well

lunch bag

If you love to take a fruit box as a post-lunch meal, or if you just like to carry a smoothie for the road,  a spacious lunch bag for the office is a prime concern. It will be a tragic affair if you get all excited about the looks of a bag and then you realize that all that it can hold is a sad box of rice. Bringing a lunch bag with removable dividers and an extra cutlery pouch offers you ample space for those hectic office days (no one wants to investigate a bag for a simple pair of spoon and fork). Look for a bag that serves you right when it comes to space.

3. Stylish Colours and Designs


Creating a style statement with bold colors and elegant designs at your workplace is a must. Search for a bag that is compact but caters to all your needs. While buying an insulated tiffin bag, make sure that you keep an eye for the detail and get your hands at the best one from the lot. 

4. Portability


No one wants to carry a lunch bag that is challenging to handle. Picking a flexible bag with long comfortable shoulder straps with a handle that can be alternatively used as a sling bag or a handheld bag is a smart choice. After all, traveling with five bags at a time for work is a nightmare. So, buy a lunch bag that makes you feel comfortable and has enough space to sail you through the day.  

5. Water Proof

water proof

This element is for the bad weather days. Forgetting your umbrella is one sad thing whereas ruining your focaccia bread is another tragedy. Looking for the perfect lunch bag may seem like a hassle at the beginning. But, once you find the right one, you can sit back and enjoy your lunch. So get a lunch bag with waterproof exteriors as the rain doesn’t need to fall on you and seep into your lunch as well. 

6. Durability


Buying a stainless steel lunch box, water bottle, or lunch bag is not an everyday thing. So, when you plan to buy, keeping a check on the quality is a must. Invest your money in a lunch bag which is durable and comes with a life of at least a year. Strong, convenient, and toxin-free fibers are a must when you are getting a lunch bag.  

7. Lunch Bags with a Few Extra Pockets

lunch bag

If you are a messy person and have a habit of grabbing things at the last minute, then a lunch bag with a few extra exterior pockets will be a savior. It creates space for your last-minute paper clips, chocolate bars, or earphones as well. An additional space apart from your big tote bag is an added benefit. 

8. Leak resistant and Spill-Free

leak resistant

Nothing else is a bigger disappointment than food that is out of the box and all over your lunch bag. If the lunch bag that you are carrying is leaking, then it can be extremely problematic. Starting from your desk to your clothes and of course, your food can be a big pile of mess. Look for a combo of a leak-resistant lunch bag and a spill-free lunch box. 

9. Easy to Clean

easy to clean

It is impossible to get a lunch bag that never catches dirt. But at the same time, picking the right material for the lunch bag is essential. Look for lunch bags made up of polyester, nylon fabric, canvas fabric as they are easy to clean.

10. Eco-Friendly Material

eco friendly

Avoid buying lunch bags that release toxins and are not BPA free. If your lunch bag is lightweight, tops all the qualities but is made up of plastic is a bad bet. Plastic is non-biodegradable, harms the environment, and releases toxins into the food, making it harmful for your human beings in the long run.  


One of the few products that top all the above mentioned qualities are the Lunch Bags from Vaya. Vaya Bentobag is available in many cool colors and designs for girls in school or women in college, and working professionals. They are indeed not one of your basic lunch bags. It is never too late to make a shift towards safe eating and healthy living. After all, you only live once.