Insulated lunchboxes are mainly used to keep food cool. Perishable foods, such as eggs, meat, fish, and some dairy products, need to be kept cool until lunchtime, because bacteria tend to thrive in warm and moist environments. When optimum temperature of packed food is not maintained, bacteria multiply within no time and contaminate the food beyond redemption. Consuming such foods may result in food-poisoning.

Vaya Tyffyn, the premium lunch box, comes with an insulated shell designed using the VacuTherm technology. The insulation helps retain temperatures of hot and cold foods. With Vaya lunchboxes, you can be sure that perishable foods (sushi, yoghurt, salads, fruit, cheese, cole slaw etc.) remain cold, hygienic, and thereby safe to consume even after 6 hours of packing.


Like any other insulated lunch box, best results are achieved with Vaya Tyffyn when you soak the tiffin containers in cold water prior to assembling your food. You can also place ice packs into the Tyffyn containers to ensure food stays cold.
When it comes to insulated lunchboxes, plastic, silicone, and glass containers are not the right choices, because these materials act as insulators; they fail to absorb and retain the desired temperature. However, steel containers are excellent conductors and are perfect for retaining the temperature of hot and cold foods.

Most insulated tiffin boxes are bulky and made of dubious materials. Vaya Tyffyn, on the other hand is made of FDA-approved stainless-steel containers and BPA-free lids!

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