An insulated, stainless steel water bottle is one of the most important accessories you can invest in this summer. It is designed to help you keep your water safe, clean, and portable, which are all things you want during the hot times of the year, when water is more important than ever. Read on to learn some of the important reasons that will make you want to invest in an insulated stainless-steel water bottle.

Regulate Your Carbon Footprint

It is a fact that people’s water intake goes up during the summer months. People just tend to drink more water when it’s hot outside. If you’re still using disposable water bottles as your primary source of water, that means your carbon footprint goes up in summer as well. With climate change being such a real and current threat, it’s important to take steps that you can to reduce your carbon footprint. When you invest in an insulated water bottle, you certainly are doing a tiny bit towards reducing your carbon footprint while you are making a healthier choice as well!

Encourages You to Focus on Hygiene

Drinking water in the summer is important, but so is the type of water that you’re drinking. If you have your own insulated water bottle, you can not only be picky about your water sources, always making sure to choose clean and filtered sources, but you can also reduce contamination.

Stainless steel, insulated water bottles don’t have the same toxins that plastic water bottles contain, so your water stays purer.

Can Regulate the Temperature of the Water You’re Drinking

One of the defining features of any insulated water bottle is the ability to regulate the temperature of its contents. This means that you can always make sure you’re drinking a glass of cold water when it’s hot outside. It also means that you can transport cold drinks and juices in the summer, and enjoy it all through the day.

Protect Your Water from Bacteria

One of the more dangerous parts of summer time is that it’s the prime season for cultivating bacteria. The hot weather and extra rain make the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Plastic water bottles tend to be porous, which provides space for bacteria to cultivate on the surface of the bottle. An insulated stainless-steel water bottle does not have this problem; the surface is smooth and not ideal for cultivating bacteria.

Apart from these many advantages, another valid reason that will make you carry your own insulated water bottle every day is how you can carry a home-made juice r infused drink with you. Choose a slim, trendy and easy-to-carry stainless steel water bottle and you are all set to soak up the sun this summer!