Most people pay attention to their outfits for work. But in doing so, they overlook certain other things, like the bag they are carrying, the lunch bag they are toting or the water bottle that they are using. These are all essential accessories and you can find great ones to complement your style. When you are getting ready for work, make sure that everything you take to the office resonates with your aesthetic and looks neat. Your accessories are not just shoes and watches to match your clothes. A stylish office bag, a pair of headphones, or even a purse can become a style statement. These accessories might seem casual, but they are stylish and functional. The following section discusses which items can be used as accessories when you are going to the office. 

Best 10 Stylish and Casual Work Accessories

Accessories are not just related to your outfit. When you are going to work, your accessories can be anything from the bag you carry to the keyring holding all your house keys! All of these elements add to your appearance. While an elegant and formal outfit is perfect for the office, everything you carry with you is equally important. Continue reading to know which of these accessories you can easily carry to the office.

1. Water Bottle

water bottle

A stylish water bottle is not only a great accessory but is also really useful. Carry an insulated water bottle to the office and it will double as a thermos flask for you. Sleek and smart water bottles are available in various colors, sizes and patterns. You can match your water bottle with your outfit or carry a stainless steel water bottle in a classic color that will go with every outfit.

2. Structured Bag


You have to carry a bag to the office. But this bag can also be a style statement. Structured bags have a lot of space and you can throw in everything that is needed at work. A structured bag will usually come in different shapes and they are very sturdy. Out of all the different bags to carry to the office, a structured bag has stayed relevant and is sure to be a casual but very elegant accessory. A structured bag, top handle satchel, sling bag or a tote, spacious bags do wonders as they can fit in everything you will ever need at work and make for a great fashion accessory too.

3. Padded Laptop Sleeve

laptop sleeve

If you love your laptop bag, then it is better to invest in a laptop sleeve. A padded laptop sleeve will protect your device from scratches or sudden shocks. Laptop sleeves are available in vibrant shades and even have some funky patterns. You can find one that has good padding and matches your aesthetic. 

4. Lunch Bag

lunch bag

Carrying your lunch to the office will ensure that you are eating at the right time and not relying on junk food. Although stuffing a lunch box inside your office hand bag sounds like the most practical idea, you don’t want to do this every day! Pick a lunch bag, an insulated lunch bag or even better lunch bags. Smart sling bag for your lunch that you can carry it over your shoulder works well for days you are planning to use a hand bag for work. Small yet handy lunch bags work best when you choose to carry a laptop bag to work. Lunch bags are usually not bulky and are very easy to carry. You can get whichever style you prefer and choose one in your favorite color too!

5. Cutlery Pouch

cutlery pouch

When you take your lunch to the office, you will need to use some cutlery. You can carry forks and spoons from your kitchen. Put them in a cutlery pouch and keep it in your lunch bag or office bag. Cutlery pouches are made out of easily washable fabric and keep your cutlery clean. A small cutlery pouch in the same color as your lunch bag can be quite a stylish and innovative accessory. You could also find premium lunch bags that come with cutlery pouch!

6. Wireless Headphones


A pair of wireless headphones is essential if you are traveling on public transport. Listening to an audiobook or music when on the train or bus is a good way to spend time and relax. With wireless headphones, you can avoid the mess of wires and there are different styles to choose from. Wireless headphones can be sleek and small or they can be large and chunky. They add to your style and can be worn with any outfit. 

7. Reusable Coffee Cup/ Tumbler

coffee mug

Mornings usually start with a steaming mug of coffee. But on a busy morning, spending time drinking your coffee can make you late. So the best thing to do is to get a reusable coffee tumbler or cup. Reusable coffee cups that are insulated will keep your coffee warm for a few hours straight. You can drink your latte or coffee on the go and even refill the insulated tumbler several times during the day. 

8. Stationery Kit


You will need pens, pencils and other stationery items for office work. You might keep a bunch of such items on your desk, but keeping the essentials like your favorite pen, a well-used pencil, eraser, and post-it notes will be really useful. Your stationery kit can be customized with your name stitched or embossed on it. You can easily get a stationery kit with a stylish design that will look good with your office bag. 

9. Card Wallet

card wallet

You can get a card wallet with enough slots to hold all the cards. This will make sure that all your cards are in the right place. You can clip the card wallet inside your handbag so that it does not get misplaced. Even if you do not carry it out of your bag, a card wallet made out of leather or suede can be a useful but modern accessory.

10. Faux Leather Journal


If you need to take notes for your work, then you are going to need a journal. There are many kinds of journals available, but one with a faux leather cover looks cool. It will make a great office accessory and you can write down all ideas, to-do lists, and any other relevant information.  

Final Words

To find the best accessories for work, take a look at what you need the most in your office. Make a list of all the items and look for the best and most suitable versions. You will soon be able to accessorize your outfit with stylish but productive items that will also be easy to carry.