Small or big kitchen, every inch of counter and cabinet space does matter when it comes to your cooking space! Air-tight food containers, leak resistant canisters and spice jars, you cannot get enough of these, and you are always looking out for that genius kitchen jar that is smart, made of stainless steel, sleek and available in stunning colors, aren’t you? Well, Vaya Preserve is all that rolled into one.

Available in three convenient sizes – 700 ml, 500 ml and 300 ml, the food storage containers are perfect for storing your pulses, grains, sugar, salt and even spices and masalas! Leak resistant with integrated gaskets, these food storage containers are great for storing oil, ghee, sauce and even ready-to-cook pastes on your kitchen counter or cabinets. Designed for easy stackability, these food jars can be stacked one on top of the other in your kitchen cabinets. Preserve is also available in stunning colors, and patterns, that can complement your kitchen decor.

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