Who doesn’t like the look of an amazing lunch box packed with goodies? The market is flooded with plenty of designs and material choices these days when it comes to lunch boxes, so which one should you choose? Most people boil their choices down to either a stainless steel lunchbox or a glass lunch box. Here are 5 reasons why stainless-steel lunchboxes score higher than their glass counterparts.

  • Unbreakable: Well, obviously, stainless-steel lunch boxes are more versatile and unbreakable. It is easy enough to break a glass lunch box though, and it can cause serious injury too. For this reason alone, it is best to choose a stainless-steel tiffin box. If the latter will be carried by kids, there’s all the more reason to choose steel over glass.
  • Lighter and portable: In most cases, stainless steel tiffin boxes are much more portable and lighter in weight than the glass versions. This makes them durable enough and easier to carry around whether your kid is heading to school or an adventure picnic. Glass tiffin boxes can be heavier and could weigh you down.
  • Plastic-free: With plastics posing many possible health threats, it is better to shift to healthier choices. If you really wish to do away with the harmful plastics in all forms, it is best to choose stainless steel lunchboxes.
  • Great designs and organization: Stainless steel lunchboxes come with lots of options when it comes to compartmentalization and organization of different food types. Also, stainless-steel lunchboxes are not plain and boring anymore. Check out Vaya Tyffyn, a range of insulated lunchboxes that not only are functional, but come in attractive colors and patterns too.
  • Antibacterial: Stainless-steel is antibacterial and won’t leach any harmful chemicals into your food. This makes it the best material for your lunchbox, especially for your kids, doesn’t it?