Snacking is mostly the favorite activity everyone wants to indulge in during vacations. Since it has been a year-long vacation for most people worldwide, pertaining to the pandemic, movies have become an essential part of our lives as they are among the very few things keeping us sane from all that’s wrong with this time. However, even without the pandemic, the Christmas, New year, and associated vacation that you get calls for long movie nights and spending time with family and loved ones. And when there is a movie night, there is a need for appropriate snacks. They can be as junky as a food jar of chips and pizza, more delicate and specific like a salad from an insulated food container and milkshakes from insulated tumbler glass. Eat and drink (and watch, of course) whatever makes you and your loved ones feel happy.

Best Snacks to Partner with Binge-Watching

A good movie night is not good enough without the perfect snack to pair it with. While everyone has their preferences, here are a few worldwide favorites when it comes to snacking.

1. Popcorn


Popcorn is the staple munching item for movies since eternity. They are the cliche, and they are right. Whether you are visiting a theatre or binge-watching on your sofa, you possibly can’t do without popcorns. These heavenly snacks can be easily made at home, with the instant two-minute store-bought popcorn packets. They also come in a plethora of flavors—butter, classic salted, tomato tango, caramel, chili surprise, and many more.

2. Zucchini Chips


Zucchini Chips are the uncommon gem that you can’t do without during binge-watching movies. They are extremely low on fat, you can even bake them without any oil, and they are cheap. A single zucchini can be made into a giant bowl filled with chips, so there are merits everywhere. Make a batch, store them in an insulated food jar, one that would keep them fresh and crispy! Pair the chips with some salsa sauce or sprinkle some cocktail spices you prefer, and enjoy your favorite movies and shows.

3. Potato Chips

potato chips

What better and more appropriate to do these days than be a couch potato and munch potato chips all day? The winter season and the holidays are both synonyms for lying on your sofa all day and binge-watching your favorite shows with family and loved ones. Oh wait, haven’t you been doing that all of 2020? It is almost sad how you have been stuck inside for way too long than you asked for. However, to make quarantine fun, it is always wise to pair up a few packets (or make them at home. It takes 10 minutes) of potato chips with favorite movies, and watch them till you drop! Make the chips at home, and don’t forget to store them in insulated food jars or airtight jars for future use.

4. Yogurt


Erm coupling up junks with binge-watch sessions might be remotely fun, but there are severe doubts about how healthy they are. On the other hand, Yogurt is both healthy and tasty and comes in a multitude of flavors. Various companies have also started to manufacture lactose-free yogurts to meet all the lactose intolerant souls’ needs. The yogurts can be combined with nuts, seeds, and various other munchies to make for a fantastic snack during movie nights.

5. Nuts


Nuts are nutritious, tasty, and extremely healthy for munching. Especially for some people who like chewing not just during movies but also during everyday work, nuts can be an excellent way to meet your cravings while not getting fat because of it. Nuts come in various shapes, sizes, and tastes. Thus, it is relatively easy to choose the one you like and store them for emergency (wink wink) purposes.

6. Cold Drinks

cold drinks

All this food will most definitely leave you thirsty. What better way to enjoy a few glasses of cold drinks than drink them while gasping over the Bly Manor or maybe merely enjoying the evergreen F.R.I.E.N.D.S.! No matter what food or snack you choose to have while binge-watching, fresh fruit juices or carbonated drink in an insulated tumbler is something you can’t do without.

7. Kale Chips


Kale is one healthy food everyone should consume regularly. They are nutritious and versatile. You can make smoothies out of them while also have them just the way they are, as a salad. Like most are unaware of, Kale can also be made into the crunchiest and crispiest chips. If you are on a diet or simply want to eat healthily, kale chips are an easy way to balance your midnight cravings with healthy eating.

8. Ice Cream

ice cream

If there is one food that everyone just loves, it indeed is ice cream from eight to eighty. Ice creams are probably the food they serve in heaven because they are creamy, delicious, rich in taste, and come in every flavor and color possible. Ice creams are also great mood lifters, as they are stress relievers. So, whether you are watching horror or sci-fi, they can always be your best snack.

9. Roasted Chickpeas

roasted chickpeas

Many people are not fans of chickpeas indeed, but pretty sure they have never tried the roasted chickpeas. Chickpeas are honestly delicious, and they have a lot of fiber and vitamins in them. You can easily toss them into any salad or roast and eat them with sauce and bread. They are a neat snack that not just helps you munch over through whatever you are watching but also actually fills your stomach and provides sufficient nutrients.

10. Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

peanut butter

Who doesn’t love peanut butter! No matter which country you live in and what culinary specialty you have culturally, peanut butter is constant in every urban household. Making fruit dips out of peanut butter is very easy and can be conveniently done at home. But in case you want to have a lazy day off, you can also get these at various stores.


While food preferences majorly vary from person to person, you should keep in mind not to fall sick amidst a pandemic. It is wise to know one’s body and how much and which type of junk it can take quickly, and then have fun.