Whether you want to or not, your kitchen is the place you spend most of your home time. Cooking is a compulsory life chore, as is eating and cleaning. Especially since the millennial generation, as well as the gen-z mostly lives on their own, they must know how to live in an organized and vibed manner. What you see around you every day after you wake up affects your mood, feelings, energy, and a few other psychological things that you can’t possibly ignore.

While we all like our kitchens just as we plan them, planning properly and executing our plans and routines help us do our job easily while ensuring we have everything right where we need or want them to be. This generation doesn’t exactly believe in everyday extensive cooking, as they are more of food jars and food containers with a week’s load of food kind of people.

How to Keep Your Kitchen Ever-Green?

Everyone wants to feel good about their spaces, even if that space means your beloved kitchen. While at it, this should be noted that the kitchen should be always kept clean, hygienic, and spacious. It should also have enough air supply and should receive sufficient sunlight every day.

1. Wide Walkways and Saved Spaces

wide space

It is always wise to store items where you need them. You should always have sufficient space besides cooking aisles for convenience and safety needs. Furthermore, having enough movement area (at least 36 inches) between the workstation and the wall cabinets. One should also try to make things easier by storing utensils near the sink or the dishwasher, keeping everyday use spices near the cooking island, etc.

2. Right Heights for Electronics


Everyone has chosen comfort over long difficult procedures for cooking. The comfort comes from the electronics that ease our work like mixer grinders, microwaves, roti makers, etc. All of these are required at certain places in the kitchen. Thus arranging all of these at appropriate heights and places is a must for making your kitchen convenient. The microwave needs to stay away from water, whereas the water dispenser should ideally be as close as possible to the sink to avoid leakage and further mess because of that.

3. Perfect Kitchen Island

kitchen island

Kitchen Islands vary from designer to designer. However, it is advised that you always check in with your interior designer or engineer so that you can have a proper, spacious, well-placed, and usable kitchen island. You can always have more than one kitchen island but their placement will determine how freely you can move in your kitchen and how much space is left for other pieces of furniture.

4. Sharps Should Be Smartly Stored

smartly store

You don’t want your kitchen to be a train wreck. Having sharp objects lying here and there doesn’t just create a lot of mess, it also makes the situation extremely dangerous. Always keep your knives where they should be, inside the shelves in their respective boxes, and store other sharp objects in safe spaces as well.

5. Message/Reminder Centre

All the rush in the world and not enough concentration to remember everything. Thus, the easiest thing to do to remember what we bought and what we ought to do is, having a little (black, green, or white) board or even a message board to paste post-its or write about important things that we might not remember later. It is always safe to write things down, especially if you are not living alone as it promotes communication and helps in coordinating even with extreme working hours and less time to discuss everything in detail.

6. Enough Electrical Outlets

electric outlets

Your life must be filled with electronic gadgets that don’t just simplify your lives but also fasten all your chores and household works. However, it becomes increasingly difficult when you have to use multiple devices at the same time as the number of electronic outlets and sockets are often limited. Thus, if you are buying a new house or renting one, keep in check that you have sufficient electrical outlets throughout the kitchen slab. You can also always refurbish your kitchen and add extra sockets for your ever-growing collection of gadgets.

7. Window Extension Kitchen Garden

kitchen garden

It is always wise to have a little greenery around your kitchen. Grow herbs, chilies, and other kitchen plants and store them on your window extension for adding freshness and decor to your already evergreen kitchen.

8. Compartmentalize Cabinet Use

Today’s kitchens are filled with cabinets. The walls, below the gas, under the kitchen Islands, and so on. However, keeping things messed up inside the cabinets will result in a lot of confusion. Thus, it is safe to compartmentalize the contents and store specific items in cabinets to save time.

9 Decorate with Light Shades and Bold Focal Point

Wall designs have become things that portray the house owner, and their choices. But kitchens should never have dark colors because not only will that absorb light but also will hide dirt and you want your kitchen to be clean and filled with lights because that’s where your food is made.

10. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


The planet is already paying for the carelessness of mankind, and you must reduce wastage, reuse materials, and recycle everything possible as much as you can. The peels and biological waste can be used to make food for your plants, while the boxes and bags can be used to dispose of the additional wastes, and so on.

Final Words

This quarantine has made all realize how exciting cooking can be. It has been therapeutic for most of the people and has been an excellent escape from the boring lockdown home quarantine routines everyone had to go through. But unknown to most people, cleaning and having an organized kitchen is extremely therapeutic as well. However, people often tend to spend all their time, effort, and money in cooking, and don’t pay heed to the importance of a fully furnished, organized, and maintained kitchen. The gadgets, the decorations, the interior design, the carpets, the slabs, the furniture, stainless steel food jars, food containers and everything else have very important roles to play in making the kitchen successful.