Exercising is a very important part of keeping good health. Regular workouts at the gym combined with the prolonged enforced lockdown has compelled people to stay inside and away from crowded places like health clubs. This has caused a spurt in unhealthy practices and obesity-related ailments.

Nevertheless, there are certain healthy practices one can practice to ensure good health. Things like eating well, exercising daily, taking regular walks can make a world of difference. There are many types of workouts suitable for practicing at home. Gyms are not the only place for working out; one can exercise in the comfort and safety of their home. So grab your gym bottle and all other paraphernalia, and get exercising!

10 Quick Workouts You Can Try at Home

Working out at home requires motivation, self-enforced discipline, and the belief that you can do it. Yes, it may be difficult at first to force yourself to get up and get going, but the payoff is worth it. Without further ado, here are 10 workouts that you can try at home. These exercises are quick, efficient, and will keep you in tip-top shape.


1. Squats for thirty seconds, knee push-ups for thirty seconds, seated v-ups for thirty seconds, and  Mt. Climbers, for, you guessed it, thirty seconds. On completion, rest for thirty seconds and repeat four times. Take a break for forty-five seconds after you finish each rep.

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2. Bodyweight squats for two minutes, pushups for two minutes, planks invoking the T-rotation for two minutes (work your arms for one minute each with a 30-seconds break in between), ending with standing oblique crunches for two minutes. Make sure you take a break for 30 seconds after each. This is going to work your entire body, so make sure you are well-rested and well hydrated! Keep your flask or insulated water bottle around!

3. Start with the duck walk to stand for thirty seconds, followed by runner’s lunge for thirty seconds, mountain climber for thirty seconds, and finally the corkscrew for thirty seconds. Make sure you rest for 30 seconds after each step. Repeat the circuit three to five times. Take a break for sixty seconds after you complete each circuit. Once you are accustomed to the intensity of the workout, increase each step by 10 seconds, and reduce the break between the steps by 10 seconds as well.


4. The good old lunge and squat exercise is quick but will acutely work your lower body and increase your strength. Squats and lunges can be done whenever you can or want to. Begin with squats. Squatting sounds easy – it is just lowering the body and standing up again. But if done correctly, squats will work you and sweat you out. Repeat for ten circuits or sixty seconds.

Finish off with a set of lunges. Make sure that you don’t complete this exercise too fast – hold your lunge for 5 seconds before you move on to the other leg. You need to alternate your legs and repeat it for a minute.


5. If you want to fit in a quick cardio challenge between online meetings and projects, then this workout is perfect for you. Start with the frogger, followed by a plank twist on each side for, a squat pulse, a tuck up, and finish the set off with a body saw. Practice each step for thirty seconds and rest for thirty seconds between each step. You should complete five to six circuits, taking a break between each rep for sixty seconds. Once you get used to the intensity of this full-body cardio workout, challenge your body by reducing breaks between steps and increasing each step by 10 seconds.

6. This is a ten-minute workout that will leave you feeling refreshed and energetic. Begin with a side kick-through, followed by the explosive crab reach, the lateral shuffle, the low lunge to runner stretch, culminating in the transverse lunge to power skip. Each exercise must be done for four minutes — alternate between twenty seconds of exercise and ten seconds of rest in each interval. Try to repeat the cycle eight times.


7. If you are looking for some hardcore stretching exercises, you could try your hand at some Pilates movements. A routine that you can start with is the hundred where you lay down and list your legs at a 45-degree angle taking the Pilates stance. Move your arms up and down while inhaling through your nose. Repeat 10 circuits with 5 counts each. Follow this up with the single and double leg stretches, the crisscross, and the shoulder bridge (3 reps). This will strengthen your body’s core.


8. Some quick Pilates workouts you can include in your daily routine are single and double leg circles, cycling (where you lay on your back and move your legs as if they were on the paddles of a cycle), single-leg teasers, crunches, and mermaid stretch. Start with thirty seconds for each exercise and increase ten seconds for every step once you get used to the workouts.


9. Jogging in one place for ten minutes is a great workout if you don’t have a lot of time. Lift each knee as high as you can while keeping your arms at your side, elbows locked in an L-shape.


10. Yoga is a great way to not only take a break from the outside world but also work your body. Ideally, you should warm up your body with some simple stretching exercises before you start doing yoga. Each yoga pose must be held for 60 seconds. Therefore, after you are done with warm-ups, begin by assuming the mountain pose. The next step is the garland or crouching pose, followed by the plunge and the plank. Finish off the set with some breathing exercises like the pranayam.

Final Words

Exercising is a great way of keeping your body fit. However, ensure that you don’t overwork your body and give yourself a break. Remember, hydration is extremely important, so keep your sipper bottle or flask at your side at all times. Eat a balanced diet and workout in your home with these various exercises!