The Christmas holidays are the most popular time for family getaways. Be it a weekend-long trip or a dream come true journey to faraway countries, people mostly plan it with their loved ones and families during this time of the year. And due to colder temperatures in the whole northern hemisphere, beaches suddenly become a hotspot for people to get away from winters and enjoy the warm sunny weather.

Must-Haves for a Sudden Beach Getaway!

It merely takes a few hours to plan and coordinate a beach vacation, but you will always need a list of must-haves so that you don’t regret not packing enough underwear or sunscreen which might eventually jeopardize your trip. Thus, it is always safe to follow these ten compulsory items that your beach duffel should be filled with (on a vacation of course).

1. Swimsuit


Swimsuits are an absolute must for every beach vacation. Since one can only control themselves up to an extent, it is impossible to visit beaches and not take a long satisfying (sandy) bath in the sea. And bathing without proper swimsuits is strictly a big no for people of all ages and genders. Thus, never forget to pack your favourite swimsuit for a beach getaway.

2. Insulated Water Bottle

water bottle

Insulated water bottles can come in handy in various ways. During trips, flasks can be used to store either warm or cold water, depending on the requirement based on the weather outside. Steel water bottles can also be used to store coffee, tea, or any other beverage during road trips or long sunny lazy days on the beach.

3. Sunscreen


Beachy holidays are a lot more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about sunburns or regular after-effects of long exposures to the sun. Thus, sunscreens (all over your face, limbs, and body) are a must. Even if you are not rocking bikinis or swimsuits, you should take full protection for your sensitive skin. Newer approaches to self-care also suggest that you put sufficient amounts of specially customized sunscreen on your hair too as they face the most of the pollution and sunshine all the time.

4. Sunglasses


As much as you love the heat, the UV Rays take up a toll on us, especially your eyes. Plus, cool funky shades are everything you need to be Instagram worthy in the picturesque beaches these days, right? Thus, carrying pairs of sunglasses can come in handy for more than one reason during a sudden beach getaway this winter. Shades also come in various shapes and sizes thus pair them up with your swimsuits and pajamas and have fun.

5. Books


There are very few activities in the world as beautiful and quaint as reading your favourite book on the beach while relaxing. Everyone usually takes vacations to release stress and have quality time with their loved ones, but one must also find a good enjoyable time for themselves. Reading a good book is an excellent way to calm one’s mind while at the same time (which is mostly scarce all year) finding time for your favorite activity.

6. Hats


Vacations are not just about the trip. It includes chilling in beautiful dresses while flaunting one’s fashion sense and accessibility collections. When it is a beach vacation, has become an integral part of your fashion statement, as it has almost become a compulsory tradition.

7. Chargers and Power Banks

power banks

Electronics and modern gadgets have become an integral part of everyone’s lives. Sadly, their batteries don’t last as long as you want them to, and running out of batteries is the saddest thing that can happen during a vacation. You have to take pictures, listen to music, know the routes, find the best retreats, cafes, and restaurants, Instagram, find people nearby, and much more and you need your batteries for that. Carrying proper chargers and power Banks are all very important to keep your trip going smoothly.

8. Underwear


Even during regular life, the laziest anyone feels is during their laundry days. And when one is on a vacation, that surely gets multiplied by ten. It is not recommended that you go for a beach holiday with anything less than one pair of underwear for every day of your vacation along with one extra set. You definitely can’t repeat underwear because it is messing with your hygiene, and you most definitely don’t want to ruin one-day doing laundry while you can very much wear that two-piece and get a tan.

9. Towels


Towels are a must-have during any and every vacation. Be it the mountains or green stretches of forests, one should always have enough towels for sudden damage controls, or even just mere regular usage. Having extra towels is also safer these days because, in times of pandemic, items of personal use should never be shared. It is true that tourism has seen a major drop during this year, but that most don’t mean you can’t have a safe beach vacation while taking all necessary measures and protections.

10. Masks and Sanitizers


Masks and Sanitizers have become our best friends. In this year of pandemic, they have become a necessity, no matter where you travel, and how long you stay. Without masks, you might just not be allowed to stay over at most hotels as per government regulations of disaster management.

Final Words

People from all around the world have been shut down indoors for almost a year. While few countries have tried to get back to the old normal, some are still struggling to reduce deaths and the super spreading of infections among their citizens. During these dire times, year-end trips with your friends and family are probably the only thing that can keep you sane, provided you can financially, demographically, and socially afford trips. While most beaches stay crowded this time of the year, this time it’s quite different due to widespread fear and paranoia. But businesses have to continue, and economies have to flow, thus, take as many trips as you can, with as much safety and protection as possible.