One of the primary things taught in school is the segregation of bio-degradable waste and non-biodegradable waste. There has always been a particular emphasis on the following 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The climate has been changing rapidly due to heavy industrialization, accumulation of non-biodegradable wastes, mass population, and more. There is an urgent requirement for people to be aware of the ill effects of non-biodegradable trash. Any debate or discussion about pollution and its impact on the environment is never complete without mentioning plastic waste. Plastic is made up of petroleum components and is one of the most harmful and toxic elements that affect the environment and the people who use it, slowly and silently. Plastic is non-biodegradable. It takes about forever to break down. Once it does, it reduces to microplastic and finds its way to humans and animals through various modes and ultimately attacks the gut and invites harmful elements to the body. 

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Plastic was invented in 1907, and no one realized that the use of plastic and the detrimental effects would be universal after all this time. The only way to limit plastic usage is by replacing the everyday products that we use with sustainable, eco-friendly products like stainless steel or bamboo. 

Water bottles are a must-have during the summers, especially during the covid-19 strain where social distancing and maintaining good hygiene are crucial. The habit of buying use and throw water bottles as they are lightweight, solve the purpose, and are cheap is nothing but turning a blind eye towards the environment. Want to know more about why plastic water bottles should top the list of your ‘replacements’ along with bad vibes?

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles!

1. They Pollute the Environment

pollute the environment

Nothing can pollute the environment as much as single use plastic can. One single bottle of plastic takes about 1000 years to decompose, and even after breaking it down into pieces, it continues to harm the animals and humans together. Recycling single-use plastic bottles by factories into plastic containers or cases is not a great idea. Once the plastic bottle is heated and melts; it releases harmful gases into the atmosphere. It is also believed and seen in studies that plastic emits some radiation and the plastic bottles are carcinogenic if used over time.

2. They Do Not Come with Dynamic Features

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Plastic bottles do not come with great features like keeping your water at a fixed temperature. You cannot even delve deeper into your indulgence and get some coffee to go in a plastic bottle. It might not look great being transparent with a flexible plastic cover with pictures of glaciers and mountains. Simultaneously, plastic water bottles cannot hold warm liquids in the best condition as plastic is supposed to interact with the heat and release some harmful toxins directly into the drink. Single-use plastic water bottles once used find themselves in a big dump of landfill. It is expected that by 2050, 26 million pounds of plastic garbage will be accumulated on earth. Taking the step and replacing the plastic water bottle with an insulated flask or a smart water bottle is a good idea. 

3. Contains BPA and Adversely Affect Your Health

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BPA refers to a chemical – Bisphenol A, which is released when plastic water bottles come in contact with a high temperature. When this chemical is into the water, it contaminates it, finally enters our body, disturbs the endocrine system, and increases breast cancer risk. Although the amount of BPA that goes inside our body is minimal at one go, continued dependency on plastic water bottles can accumulate significant amounts and pose a bigger threat to health. Switch to safer options like insulated flasks or stainless-steel water bottles that keep your drink safe and away from harmful elements like BPA. 

4. Weak and Can Leak

can leak

Plastic Water Bottles are not breakable, but they can quickly lose their form with even the slightest pressure. The plastic bottles are absolutely weak, and a slightly crowded bus or a throw can make the bottle crumble or pop open the cap causing it to leak. No one wants to use a bottle with chances of leakage and can crush easily with minimal force. A bag full of water leaked from a bottle – is a nightmare that everyone would prefer to avoid altogether.

5. Excessive, Unnecessary Investment

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Buying a bottle of water every day is not a smart move at all. The bottle from your home is undoubtedly cheaper and safer by a significant margin. Spending money on a bottle that you would use for a day and then throwing it away in the trash bin is not cool as are you throwing it away in the trash or contributing to trash growth? Stop buying a bottle of water every day instead utilize that money to buy a safer option like a stainless steel flask or a thermos bottle for daily use. Buying a good quality durable bottle is a one-time investment, and they cover you a shelf life at least for 12 years if not less.

Conclusion – Buy Stainless Steel Water Bottles

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Significant developments take time, and they start with the smallest steps. Start by investing in a set of stainless steel water bottles. These water bottles are durable, can hold temperature just like the way you want, come in different shapes and sizes, are toxin-free, and safe for the environment. Stainless Steel Water bottles can also be great gifting options because the journey towards securing a better environment starts with your near and dear ones. The bottles also look sturdy, clean, and hip at the same time, being a perfect pick for all the age groups. Acrylic, printed, or metallic colors, there is a fit for everyone in protecting the environment. Begin your little revolution for nature, for yourself and your family by buying a premium quality stainless steel flask. Get ready to enjoy all your favorite drinks fresh, and on the go, as and when you like it.