Life would have been mundane if we did not have reasons to celebrate. Imagine leading a life where all that you were expected to do was work, eat and sleep? You cannot imagine, right? Days that we can celebrate indeed give us an extra dash of dopamine. The entire process of celebrating something or someone is a great feeling altogether, and it is all because of the efforts that come combined with love and care! Fathers day is special, and have you planned anything to make your best man feel happy and special? Read this article to get an idea of what you can gift him on this day! 

10 Fancy Out of the Box Ideas for the Cool Dad

1. Coffee Hamper

coffee hamper

If your father is a coffee connoisseur, you probably cannot precisely match up to his tastes and his collection but, try? You can fiddle through a bit from his collection and take notes of the kind of roasts he likes and the beans that he prefers. Then just do your research and get him a big coffee hamper; you can also include a set of a coffee grinder along with a Moka pot to make it fancier. 

2. BlueTooth Tracker

bluetooth tracker

If your father has a lot of stuff that he keeps on forgetting here and there, then get him a Bluetooth tracker. This fantastic device is convenient and valuable as it pairs up using an application with your mobile phone and can be tagged into one of the easily lost items. If your father loses his car keys a lot, just ask him to tag the BlueTooth tracker with it, and the next time he struggles to find them, he can simply use the Bluetooth tracker and locate the keys even if they are in the room. 

3. Smart Watch

smart watch

A smartwatch can be a great addition to your fathers look if he is much into technology. A smartwatch pairs up with the mobile phone and extensively controls the mobile in just a tiny screen. It also monitors the heart rate and presents the number of steps that the person has walked in a day. So, you see, it is a mix of technology and health at the same time. 

4. Cuff Links

cuff links

If your father loves to wear a tux, then you can also get a pair of cuff links. You can reach out to a jeweller who can personalise the cuff link for your father. The options are many, so you can choose some precious stones, stamp his initials or go for diamonds?

5. Artwork Easel

artwork easel

It is a fact that at least once in our childhood, we have painted with our fathers, and that is what makes the whole learning process extra special. But if your father actually enjoys painting then, that is where you should stop all your work and get himself an artwork easel. You can make some sandwiches, carry a simple mocktail in an insulated water bottle and surprise your father with a picnic by the lake where the two of you can sit together and paint again!

6. Vintage Camera

vintage camera

Is your father into photography? Or he loves to collect some artisanal vintage items? Whatever the case may be, you can surely get him one of those old vintage polaroid cameras from the 80s. Your father would love to add one to his collection. These cameras not only look really well, but they also add to the overall aesthetic of your house.

7. Perfume


If your father has a knack for perfumes and elixirs, then you might even think about getting one for your father. Pick up something from a high-end range of ageing perfumes as they are simply the best. Many places even customise a certain kind of perfume if you give them proper directions about the aroma that you want. So, you can even get a perfume customised for your father. Just imagine the look on his face when he looks at the perfume which is made just for him! 

8. Foot Massager

foot massager

Foot massager might not come off as a fancy gift when you look at it at the very first instant. But if you actually visit a store and try out a foot massager, you might just end up buying two of them for yourself. The foot massager is the perfect thing if you want to relax after a long day of work. It works on an ingenious technology and uses acupuncture technique, and hits at the right spots. This gift will always make your father remember you after a long day at work. 

9. Spa Day Retreat

spa day retreat

The one who has pampered you for his entire life deserves some pampering himself. So, how about booking him a one-day spa retreat at a luxurious resort followed by a great lunch and some boating? The cherry on the top will be if you two do it together. It is simply going to strengthen your bond, and we guarantee that you will have a great time all through it! 

10. Golf Kit

golf kit

Suppose your father has just retired and wants to get back to his old hobby of golf. Then you have the best hint, just take it and work on it. Find out someone who understands golf and get him a golf kit. But what will he do just with a golf kit? Reach out to the nearest sports club and get him a membership. Your father would love the gesture and would really have a great time not just for a day but for the coming few months and years as well.


These were a few fancy gift ideas for your fancy man that you can take some inspiration from as you go ahead with the plan of buying him a gift. But, just take a deep breath and go through the memory lane and take notes of what your father really likes or has always wanted. It will surely help you to get the best gift for your father this year.