The most noticeable change in the result of COVID-19 is the unavoidable use of face masks. Wearing face masks is necessary to slow down the spread of the virus, especially in crowded places. The choice of mask can be very confusing, but one has to select the right one. After the strike of COVID-19, there are many types of masks that have made their way into the market i.e. cotton face masks, surgical masks, washable masks, N95 and reusable face masks, etc.  Wearing a mask is one step, but choosing the right one is another step entirely. For this, you need to know the type of masks and their features. Here are different kinds of masks and how they help.

1. Bandana


Bandana is a square piece of cloth folded into a triangular shape. It is worn to cover the face and protect it from dust. In old days cowboys used these types of masks in roundups. The best part of bandana is that it is a washable mask, and secondly it is a reusable face mask. It can be found in many fabrics but mostly in cotton and silk. It is well patterned in blunt and bright colors. It is not multilayered and has no ear loops. It protects from droplets that are thrown out as a result of coughing and sneezing to some extent.

2. Cloth Mask

cloth mask

One of the most common masks to have been used during covid is the cloth mask. One can easily make it without a sewing machine. It is available in different sizes according to face fittings with ear loops. Because of the fabric, they are washable. The fabrics of the masks are according to the customer’s choice but mostly it is available in cotton. The satisfaction that comes with these reusable face masks is the filtration, comfort, and breathability. It is accepted that the widespread of COVID-19 around the world enhances the pressure and demand for reusable face masks. After the spread of COVID-19, the masks have become wardrobe essentials.

3. Surgical Mask

surgical mask

The surgical mask is well known as a medical face mask. The surgical mask is a combination of plastic and paper, and it is commonly available in light green and blue. It protects you from the transmission of spreading infections from patient to person. It is well designed to shield you from the respiratory droplets which are released during coughing and sneezing. These masks have gone very beneficial during the Pandemic. These masks are not washable or reusable on the other hand; they should be disposed of after one-time use. These masks are not effective in filtering the virus or germs but its function is only to act as a barrier for the mouth and nose. It is available in 4 levels according to its function and protection. It is made through the tissue protection process so further divided into three types:

  1. Woven Masks
  2. Unwoven masks
  3. Knitted masks

It has a multi layer composition and the filtration level is dependent on the layers and structure of the mask. It is prepared on a machine line that sealed the layers and the ear loops, after manufacturing every single mask is sterilized before delivering. After the process of sterilizing, it is tested further in 4 steps:

  1. Effectiveness against bacteria
  2. Particle filtration ability.
  3. Breath resistance.
  4. Flammability.

4. N95 (Professional-Grade Medical Mask)

N95 mask

It is typically and critically designed to act as a tight seal between the face and the air. It is usually worn by doctors serving in front lines during Corona outspread. After wearing this mask, the workers are tested for the satisfaction of its fitting. It falls in the category of reusable face masks and the workers can reuse them only three to four times. They give better protection from airborne particles than cotton face masks or others.

5. Face Shield

face shield

It is an extra clear sheet of plastic attached to the headband in order to cover the whole face from top to chin. Before the pandemic, it was used by health workers and dentists to avoid fluid. Some people have a problem wearing a mask, so this shield is safe and easy to carry for them. Especially for children who keep on stretching their masks and get irritated, this shield is a good choice. It is beyond the washable face masks, cotton face masks, and N95. It makes breathing easy and even protects the eyes are which no other mask can do. In the beginning, there were many misconceptions regarding the shield but it was later declared safe. In jobs where facial expressions and gestures are very important such as teachers and service workers etc., this shield is quite helpful. The shields are even cheap to make and easier to wear in comparison to masks. Shields are reusable as long as the vision goes clear. But it becomes foggy in cold, sneezing and coughing can also make the vision blur.


Every person has the responsibility to practice, observe, follow and maintain all hygienic protocols against the fight with deadly pandemics and other viruses. The masks play an important role in this. Whichever mask you choose to wear, be it cotton mask, washable mask, or other reusable masks including N95, wear them with their rules whenever you go out for any purpose and don’t forget social distancing. Today 99% of the world population has become aware of the importance of hygiene, and it is time for every person to take the responsibility of building and following the rules.