Cooking great food requires three things – recipe, ingredients, and a lot of love. You can find recipes from your grandmother, your most-loved cookbook, or your smartphone. Love comes through every bite naturally. But, going to the store and buying them and using them is not enough when it comes to ingredients. Storing them properly in food storage jars is very important so that they do not dry up or grow mold or bacteria because of humidity. Just like you need a shelter to live, and your food needs to make a place in the hearts of your loved ones. Spices, pickles, and all the other ingredients need a home too, and that is why you need to invest some time in choosing the best kitchen storage jars.

How to Store Your Kitchen Ingredients?

1. Plastic Food Containers


These containers are extremely lightweight, are microwavable, compatible with dishwashers, look pretty and come in different shapes and sizes. These containers are spill-free and airtight, so they will always protect your ingredients, dry or liquid. Once you pack it all inside, you are all set to go. You need to look for BPA-Free plastic containers when it comes storing food, either your lunchbox or for kitchen storage.

2. Glass Jars

glass jar

Are you making some strawberry jam, or some tasty jalapeno with vinegar mix, or a desi mango pickle and need to figure out where to store them? Glass Jars are work well too when it comes to storage. Although they are cumbersome, at the same time, they are easy to clean, look better than plastic, are non-porous, keep your food safe, and save you money. They can be used again and again right after a single wash. However, if you have kids around or not comfortable because of how glass jars might shatter due to accidents, you might want to look for a sturdier option.

3. Ceramic Food Storage Containers


Ceramic Food Containers are all about different styles and designs. They are easily breakable as most of them are handmade. These containers come with a seal, either pressed and locked or with a four-sided lock. Ceramic containers can become great gift items or be used to store items that you do not use as frequently.  

4. Canisters


Canisters are made up of a mix of plastic and acrylic. They are transparent and make it easier to understand what is inside. They are available in the shape of a can or what looks like an elongated rectangular box with an opening on top. Readily used to store cookies, crackers, or rice as they are completely airtight.

5. Brushed Copper Food Storage


A little aesthetic setup here is never a bad idea. Copper Utensils and Storage Containers have been used, particularly by the people of ancient royal families, for years in India. These containers come with seals or can be easily paired up with one. Storing grains, pulses, etc., in them is a great idea. These kitchen storage containers will give your home and your kitchen an old rusty vibe because of their color and shine.

6. Stainless Steel Jars

food jar

Stainless Steel Jars come with zero harmful effects on your health and your body. Using Stainless Steel Jars to pack lunch or just to store some ingredients is a great way to make sure that the content packed inside is safe at all times. They can be reused for years, are super durable, which makes them right for all your trips and your time at home and even around little kids. These jars also come in various shapes and sizes for your ground spices or keep some Pesto or a dry ingredient of sugar or tea leaves. 

Why Have Proper Kitchen Containers?

kitchen containers

1. Different Items, Separate Storage – You cannot possibly keep rice and sugar together in one single jar. It would take years to filter them, or you would have to choose if you want to have boiled rice coffee or sweet rice! You cannot even keep them in packets because of the harmful toxins that are released. So the best thing that you can do is buy extra storage jars.

2. Easy to Locate – Keeping all your ingredients and food items separately in either plastic or stainless steel containers with a name on top makes it easier and quicker to locate. It also makes the kitchen look organized, as if you have space to set the food containers with ingredients according to the frequency of their use, the kind of cuisine it is used in, or only as a lunch box. It is a great idea to keep them all in place but best separately.

3. Makes Your Kitchen Look Neat –  One of the primary reasons for buying food containers is to make the kitchen look clean. If your kitchen is a mess full of store-bought ingredients, you would never step inside and cook. So keep it clean and fresh.


4. Preserve Leftover Food – A sin committed in the kitchen is to waste food. So, it is best if you store leftover vegetables or chicken if you need to. And make some veg tacos or some tandoori dumplings the next day?

5. Airtight and Portable – Carry your lunch without the worries of it spilling all over your bag or the box being too heavy. Good quality containers are also contamination-free and protect from harmful chemicals getting mixed with your food. 


A tradition that has been prevalent in India for years is the use of Stainless Steel food jars. Using plastic containers to store your food or food ingredients might look like a good option as they are lightweight, look good, and are airtight. But all that looks good on the surface is not necessarily a yardstick to judge if it is the right product. Plastic containers are harmful in multiple ways, to us and the environment. Anything stored in plastic containers due to a compound called phthalates can leech bacteria after numerous usages. Continuous usage of such plastic containers increases the risk of several diseases. 

Glass is easily breakable and plastic is a massive threat to the environment. On the other hand, Stainless Steel Kitchen Jars are made up of an alloy, which generally has a good percentage of nickel, which makes it rust-free, does not attract bacteria, or leaches the content stored inside with chemicals. They are 100 % safe for humans and the environment. Spices or leftover food, Stainless Steel Jars can be used everywhere.