Are you someone who orders more drinks than starters at a restaurant? Do you always like to hoard different mugs, cups and a batch of insulated tumblers? If yes, then there is no question, but you are an ardent lover of drinks, may it be thick shakes or simple back coffee. And, if you are lucky then to elevate your entire experience, it will rain on the very day you decide to pamper yourself. Unlike the pre-pandemic times, people don’t need to go out and party hard or spend tons on shopping because people have found the different meanings of ‘self-care’ altogether. Some close friends, music, good food, or just a warm beverage and your own company- all you need to have a good time. Read this article to know about the top 10 drinks that you can have this monsoon!

Great Beverages, Monsoon Showers: A Perfect Combination

1. Mango Thick shake

mango thick shake

Since the summer season has just started to drift away, you might still have a few mangoes hiding in your kitchen. The monsoon showers bring memories and make you nostalgic, and what can be better than remembering the mangoes of the last season with a thick mango shake. Add a quarter cup of fresh full cream milk in a mixer, followed by mangoes, add some cinnamon powder, and maybe some vanilla ice cream just for the right texture. Serve it in a tall glass and garnish it with some chopped mango cubes.

2. Cappuccino


If you are a coffee connoisseur, then making a cappuccino is an obvious choice on a rainy day. Simply add some coffee powder, sugar, and warm frothy milk on top to have your easy cappuccino ready in less than 10 minutes. Cappuccino at cafes looks super tricky and expensive, but if you just buy yourself a cappuccino machine, you would be saving a ton in a year!

3. Lemon Tea

lemon tea

Packed with vitamin C, and all the goodness, lemon tea is one such drink that is difficult to resist. Just imagine the warm sensation of the tea in your throat along with the tingling sensation of the lemon juice. This seems like a perfect combination. Brew your tea leaves just like you do, and then add some lemon juice during the last 2 minutes. Mix it well and add some part of sugar as you serve.

4. Phalsa Sherbet

phalsa sherbet

It is super important to keep yourself close to the fruit and vegetables of the monsoon season, and there is a reason why they are available in the market in the best quality right now. So, make sure that you take all the necessary nutrients from them this season as you actually need them. De-seed the fruit, and add it into a fruit juicer, along with some mint leaves and lemon juice. When the juice achieves some uniformity, you can add a little bit of black salt and serve!

5. Hot Cocoa

hot cocoa

If you are in the mood for a milky drink, then a big mug of hot cocoa is the best thing that you can have. Boil some milk, add some cocoa powder, and maybe a few bricks of dark chocolate. Let everything come into a good mix, and serve it in a mug with some marshmallows on top!

6. Lemonade


If you do not want to take the extra baggage of multiple ingredients in your kitchen, then a refreshing glass of lemonade is as good as anything else. Lemon will also get you the vitamin C which is super important to keep your immunity in place this season. Extract some lemon juice in a glass, add some black salt or sugar as per your preference, and then fill the glass with some water. You can use chilled water or just add ice cubes. You can also make a big amount and keep it in an insulated tumbler for a quick sip throughout the day.

7. Coconut Water

coconut water

There is not much you can do for coconut water, apart from buying a big fresh coconut. Coconut water can help you to maintain a healthy immune system, nervous system and brain functions. Just slash the top of the coconut and dunk a straw inside. Sip it! You can also, later on, peel the coconut skin and eat it for the best nutrient intake!

8. Orange and Ginger Detox Drink

ginger detox

It helps in digestion, reduces inflammation, increases liver function, helps in weight loss – well, these are just a few of the many results of having orange and ginger detox juice. This juice is delicious, and it also brings you all the goodness you need to surpass the wet rainy season with the best health!

9. Turmeric Milk

turmeric milk

For years, turmeric has been used in order to boost immunity. The rainy season is super fun, but at the same time, it brings a host of water-borne diseases and flu if you don’t take care of yourself properly. The weather attacks the system, which as a result will make you fall sick. A glass of haldi doodh can help you beat that attack to a great extent so that you can enjoy the season to the fullest.

10. Masala Chai

masala chai

Last but not least, the monsoon season is incomplete without a cup of masala chai in your hands. Cinnamon, ginger, cloves or any masala that you feel goes well with the tea can be used. The masala chai is not just a chai, but an emotion you need to feel every time you sip. The whole spices elevate the taste of the tea, and they also produce a lot of warmth in your body so that even if you stand in front of the breezy weather of the after-showers, you will not fall sick.


These beverages are not just tasty but also bring the necessary nutrients that you need for the monsoon season. Although it rains all day and makes the weather breezy and tolerable, especially after the horrid summer season, you cannot really start having fizzy drinks and roadside shikanjis. Vitamin C and K are super important during this season, so make sure that you include vegetables or ingredients rich in these nutrients. The summer season is finally gone, and all that is there for you to do now is: enjoy the monsoon showers till they last!