The monsoon season can be a little hard on you if you do not take the proper precautions in order to deal with the change in the weather. You are bound to fall sick if you avoid the monsoon fruits and veggies and reach for the roadside pani puri stall. There are a few things that you should always keep in mind whenever the climate around you steps into the monsoon showers. They are as simple as wearing cotton clothes in the summers and woollen clothes in the winters. If you just get yourself to see the benefits of the following tips, you would remember all of them organically.

Easy Ideas to Stay Healthy When It Rains

1. Consume Warm Foods

warm foods

The monsoon season is actually the time when the streets clog with water and often end up becoming a breeding ground for multiple air-water borne diseases. You can very much get infected if you do not take the proper precautions during this time. The habit of eating warm food is one important aspect of keeping healthy. The high temperature will kill any impurities if present inside. Make sure you store your food warm in an insulated casserole and beverages in insulated flask.

2. Minimize Eating Out

minimize eating out

There are many eateries and restaurants that take care of hygiene very seriously and serve or deliver food with great care. But still there is nothing as healthy as home-cooked food and minimizing on your take out or eating out can help you build better health.

3. Carry an Umbrella 24*7


The monsoon season is very unpredictable, it can start raining out of the blue, and the weather changes every second. So, you might think that it is a bright sunny day at 9 am, but by the time it is 5 pm, you can see stormy black clouds hovering outside your building. So, if you have a long day-plan ahead, make sure that you at least carry your umbrella.

4. Hydrate Yourself

hydrate yourself

Keeping yourself hydrated is super important this season. Since it is raining all day and night, and the weather is comparatively cooler, you might not feel thirsty. But, if you cut down your water intake, it can result in bad skin health and even make you feel dehydrated. The digestion process becomes practically slow during the monsoon season, and if you do not drink enough water, the digestion process will not be able to run smoothly. So, keep your water bottle close to you like you keep your phone.

5. Maintain a Healthy Diet

healthy diet

Avoid fizzy drinks, eating out and gobbling up too many ice creams at once. You need to check the amount and kind of food you are eating this season. We all love a plate of pakoras, but it is not healthy to have it every day. A diet that is rich in the important nutrients of the monsoon season like Vitamin K, C, A and also maintains a balance is the best diet that you can rely on to keep you healthy.

6. Try Not to Get Drenched in the Rain

drenched in the rain

Of course, the monsoon showers are tempting. Who doesn’t want to have a lifesize shower and no water wastage? Well, that stands true, but it is practically not a great option if you weigh all the pros and cons. Climate change has affected the entire ecosystem, and hence the rain showers are also not an exception. The rainwater is no longer as pure as it used to be and can lead to significant changes in your body. Your chances of catching a cold also increase if you get drenched in the rain!

7. Exercise


The monsoon season can make you lazy, and you might just want to sleep around, curl up in your bed and watch a nice movie all day. But, it is very important to cut that lazy tail out and keep yourself fit. It is not a secret that you will not be having a party of samosas and chai with your friends, and as a result, you will need to lose those extra kilos. So, make sure that you take some time out and exercise as and when you need to.

8. Cleanliness


Your own house needs to be cleaned every day during this season, especially when the pandemic is in place, the sanitisation becomes important. You should be taking all the possible measures to keep your kitchen, backyard and any area that can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes clean. Also, make sure that you use a casserole with a lid to cover your food every time you finish having your meal!

9. Use a Mosquito Repellent

mosquito repellent

As you enjoy the weather, the mosquitoes also find the perfect environment to multiply in numbers, which means a big problem for you. The mosquitoes will find their way to you anyhow, probably in your room or when you are out on the streets. So, you need to use mosquito repellent or coils all the time to keep them away.

10. Avoid Visiting Crowded Places

crowd place

The monsoon season brings a lot of flu and diseases, so you just have to be aware whenever you are going out of your house. The crowded areas have to be put on a red alert for you because they are the actual places where human interaction and contamination happens. So if you do not want to bottle down your monsoon spirit, then avoid these crowded places for a while!


Probably these are the most essential things that you already follow, or maybe they are new to you. But, there are more such tips and tricks that you should keep in mind whenever you venture out in the rainy season. This season is indeed beautiful but can also have major consequences if you do not take care of yourself properly. With all the tasty food you are about to eat and the memories you are about to make, remember never to overdo it and always take due care if you want to have more fun this season. Keep a water bottle and umbrella handy at all times.