Goa is one of the major beach tourist destinations. Both Indian and international beach travelers unite around their love for Goa. People show up, go to the beach, swim around a little bit, get some exercise, party all night, and completely enjoy the amazingly delicious seafood. The only thing is, most people do not like going to Goa in the summer; it is rarely on the list of amazing summer beach destinations. The summers are just too hot and humid for beach goers to have a fun time and the major party spots are closed down…or so one might think. But Goa is actually an amazing summer tourist destination, you just need to know the secrets of the Goa summer.

Affordable During the Summer

There is nothing that makes a summer vacation destination more amazing than it being affordable. And Goa is amazingly affordable during the summer; everything is cheap. You can get flights, tickets, hotel bookings, food tours, shopping trips, just about anything and everything you want in affordable rates.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Keeping with the theme of affordability, Goa is almost as famous for its shopping as it is for its beaches and sea food. The Goan markets are just fantastic. They are filled with fun and interesting goods from around Southern India. Goan markets aren’t big into haggling so you don’t have to worry about being a good negotiator to do well at the markets. You can focus on simply finding the best deals.

Way Less Tourists

Since Goa is hotter and more humid in the summer, it is naturally less filled with tourists. And less tourists, means more beach for all who are travelling to Goa. It also means water activities are much more affordable and personalized. Want to learn how to surf from a personalized instructor? Then Goa in summer is the place for you.


Speaking of water activities, Goa is the primo place for parasailing. Summer is the best time to try this amazing water activity and really learn it. If you’re a hesitant adrenaline junkie, the Goan summer is the time for you to experiment and not embarrass yourself. It’s ok to put the training wheels on.

Beautiful Scenery

If you want to experience Goa the way you see in popular pictures, then you need to visit during summer. Since so few people are there, you can experience epic sceneries and take wonderful pictures the way they were meant to be.

Wherever in Goa you are staying, all you need to go out and enjoy your day is a bottle of cold water in an insulated water bottle. Summer in Goa are supposed to be fun, exciting and affordable, a combination hard to resist!