The Summer Season might become a tiny problem for you if you are not committed to your routines. The weather can be extremely challenging and might make you sluggish when it comes to performing multiple activities. Truth be told, one of those activities that might just slog you off is nothing but being utterly devoted to your workout routines. Let’s only accept that the season comes with a few great things but with bad things. On the one hand, there are watermelons and fresh fruit juices you can sip from a tumbler, and on the other hand, there is sweat and a lot of sweat! Read this article if you wish to know a few tips and tricks that you can use to make your workout routines more fun!

Workout Routines That You Can Try Out This Summer

1. Side to Side Push-Ups

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The primary muscle used while you get your hands to side to side push ups is your chest. The secondary muscles that become a part of this work out are shoulders, abdomen, triceps and traps! This is a full-blown callisthenics workout for which you do not need equipment. All you have to do is – lie face down on the floor, then lift your body with both of your hands. Once you have reached this position, bend your one hand to 20 degrees to your body and then go back to the previous position. Repeat the same step with the other hand and do about 30 sets each! 

2. Mountain Climbers

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This exercise is probably the easiest of all. All that you have to do is imagine the floor as a mountain and then pretend to climb a mountain. Start with the push-up position, and then start moving your legs slowly as if you are climbing a rocky cliff. Gradually increase your pace and continue doing the same for 5 minutes. If you are new to the whole workout regime, you would surely enjoy this exercise. 

3. Bokwa

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Bokwa is one of the new workout routines to burn your calories. A fitness mantra does not necessarily have to be all about challenging exercises and post-workout cramps. Paul Mavi, an LA-based fitness personality, introduced this concept; if the name is expanded, ‘Bo’ refers to ‘Boxing’ and ‘Kwa’ refers to ‘Kwaito’, a word for South African style of music and dance. Do not mistake this as another dance workout routine, as it is genuinely more active and fun to follow. If you plan to do Bokwa, you have to imagine a Letter or a Number and move your body according to that. For example, you think of the number 9; you can make your body go a semi-circle and then take a spin! This workout is not limited to anyone or any age, a fun style where all you have to imagine and move. 

4. Squats

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A great workout if you want to work on your hip. The primary muscles involved while you do some squats are – knees, abdomen, and legs. All you have to do is lower your hips from a standing position and then stand back up. Seems quite easy? Then try to pretend that you are sitting on a chair and holding your position for as long as you can! Just be ready for some painful cramps once you wrap up your workout routine. 

5. Zumba

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Zumba is a mix of 3 dance styles – Creole, Latin and African! It is an 8 step workout where the moves are performed to any pop music from around the world. One can say that this is an interval workout where high and low-intensity movements are combined to get your high rates up and boost your cardio. This workout is not limited to anyone and comes off as pretty simple. All that you have to do is groove to the beats and have as much fun you can. You can go to a Zumba class or do it at home, but at the same time, keep a stainless steel water bottle handy and keep on hydrating yourself!

6. Swimming

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If you do not want to get all sweaty and smelly due to extreme heat but want to burn some calories, swimming can be the best you can do this summer. Just find a pool near your place and dive right in, have fun, take some laps and burn a lot of calories. Also, it is an easier way to lose weight or stay fit because swimming is a full-body exercise!

7. Tabata

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Tabata is all about pushing your limits. A super effective exercise that is high intensity and is about exerting maximum effort for a short time. This is typically a four-minute workout with a 20-second interval. In a nutshell, this workout is all about giving a hit to your heart rate and then giving it very little time to recover. 

8. Yoga

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A mix of physical, spiritual and mental exercise is probably the most concrete definition of Yoga. The history can be traced back to a thousand years and primarily consists of various postures and asanas where you have to get your mind, body, and soul stable. Yoga is a slow but steady process of reaching all your fitness goals. Roll out your yoga mat start your journey of mingling up with chakra and asanas today! 

9. Running

If nothing makes you happy then, wake up early when the sun is not out and go for a run. Make sure that you wear a fitness band so that you can count your steps and carry an insulated water bottle so that you can keep a sip again and again.

10. Masala Bhangra

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A Punjabi dance style, where you can get a full-blown body workout, is the prime definition of Bhangra. So get your stereo on boost and play some Punjabi hits and dance your heart out. 

Final Statement

These are a few fun workouts that you can incorporate into your daily summer routine! Remember to carry a quality drinkware and not depend on plastic water bottles for your daily activities since they are harmful to you and the rest of the environment.