It is true that shedding a few additional kilos can improve your overall health considerably. Staying healthy, fit and in right weight reduces the risk of suffering from diseases like diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart disease, sleep apnea, specific kinds of cancer, stroke, including the current pandemic, etc.

Weight loss reduces joint pain, back pain and also improves your mobility. It improves your sleep, energy levels, confidence, and mood from a lifestyle perspective. You end up dealing with lower amounts of stress and have a positive body image. To achieve all these, you need to pursue your goal of losing weight earnestly. One of the ways to do it is to opt for weight loss drinks which are also delicious in nature. Here are few such drinks you should try drinking if you are considering losing weight.

1. Coffee


Coffee is consumed by people around the world to improve energy levels and lift your mood. This is because coffee comprises caffeine, a substance that acts as a stimulant in the body and could benefit weight loss. Coffee served warm in an insulated tumbler might reduce energy intake and boost metabolism, helping you lose weight. Caffeine intake has also been known to increase metabolism and help fat burning in several other studies. Coffee drinkers might have an easier time maintaining their weight loss over time.

2. Black Tea

black tea

Like green tea, black tea has compounds that might stimulate weight loss. Black tea is a kind of tea that has undergone a lot more oxidation than other kinds of teas, resulting in a strong flavor and darker color. Black tea is abundant in polyphenols, including a group of polyphenolic compounds called flavonoids. Polyphenols are potent antioxidants that help reducing body weight.

3. Water


Increasing your water intake can be one of the simplest ways to better your overall health. Drinking more water can also prove to be beneficial for your waistline by making you feel full in between meals and increasing the number of calories you burn. Some research has suggested that having water before meals can set you up for success when trying to cut back on calories and losing weight. Drinking cold water can increase resting energy expenditure, which is the total number of calories you burn while resting. So, make sure you carry a water bottle with you wherever you go!

4. Green Tea


Green tea is often linked to health, and for good enough reasons. It is packed with useful antioxidants and powerful nutrients. It is also one of the most effective drinks when it comes to weight loss. Drinking green tea has been shown to bring down body weight and body fat in various studies. It needs to be noted that this benefit is linked to green tea that contains high amounts of catechins, antioxidants that increase fat burning and boost metabolism. Matcha is one kind of green tea that contains a high amount of catechins than loose leaf green tea, making it an excellent choice for weight loss. Also, green tea contains caffeine, which helps in promoting weight loss by boosting energy levels and enhancing performance while exercising.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has acetic acid, a compound that stimulates weight loss by reducing insulin levels, improving metabolism, subduing appetite, and burning fat. Animal studies show that acetic acid can prevent weight gain and lower fat accumulation in the liver and belly. Although research is limited, there is some evidence that vinegar is great at promoting weight loss in humans. Apple cider vinegar slows down the process of stomach emptying, which can help keep you fuller for a long period of time and might also reduce overeating. Nevertheless, it should be noted that drinking acidic beverages like apple cider vinegar can erode teeth, which is why you have to consume it sparingly and always follow it by rinsing with water. You can add some honey to make it a little more endurable.

6. High-Protein Drinks


Beverages high in protein can control hunger, decrease appetite, and support fullness, which is significant when trying to shed excess pounds. There are numerous protein powders you can get that make preparing a quick, healthy snack or meal a breeze. Protein boosts levels of hunger-reducing hormones like GLP-1 while decreasing ghrelin, a hormone that increases appetite. Whey, hemp, and pea protein powders are a few varieties that can add a substantial protein boost to shakes and smoothies that will help you drop pounds.

7. Ginger Tea


Ginger is frequently used as a spice to add flavor to dishes and also as a herbal remedy to treat conditions like nausea, colds, and arthritis. Human and animal studies have shown this root to have an amazing effect on weight loss. Although it isn’t a huge number of calories, ginger tea can be an effective way to increase weight loss when combined with its satiating properties.

8. Vegetable Juice


Although fruit juice has been connected to weight gain, drinking vegetable juice could have the opposite effect. Plus, the vegetable juice group significantly increases their vegetable consumption and significantly decreases their carb intake, two factors important for weight loss. Taking whole vegetables in your diet whenever possible is the best choice for health, with the high amount of fiber lost in the juicing process. However, consuming a low-calorie vegetable juice could increase your vegetable intake and might even help you lose weight.

9. Lemon Water


Lemon water has not yet been proven to increase detoxification or metabolism. But, squeezing some lemon juice in your water is a great low-calorie option for flavor what many consider to be a boring beverage. So if you are having trouble downing enough water during the day, try adding this fruit into your drink. Lemon juice is also packed with loads of vitamin C, which can improve your immunity, increase iron absorption, and help to reduce your risks of certain cancers.

10. Fennel Water

fennel water

Fennel water is great because it helps lower indigestion, which in some cases can lead to weight gain. The antibacterial properties in fennel seeds can help to maintain a healthy gut and allow you to process food easily. Despite what some health experts say, scientists are still studying whether or not fennel is a good appetite suppressor. Nonetheless, if you love the taste of licorice, fennel tea could be a nice, sweet, low-cal sip.


Certain drinks like green tea, ginger tea, and coffee may help boost metabolism, minimize hunger and increase satiety, all of which facilitate weight loss. Additionally, these beverages come with beneficial nutrients like antioxidants and other potent compounds that might benefit your health. Substituting high-calorie beverages like soda and fruit juice with these drinks listed above is a smart way to cut calories to help you achieve your weight loss goals.