With many jobs requiring sitting in front of a computer all day, it could become difficult to stay active. And not all work places have an in-built gym facility or a cafeteria with healthy meal choices. Couch potato, a term widely used for people who don’t move much in a day, is widely applicable to the employees having a desk job. Most people out there, try to compensate for their 9 hours of sitting with a couple of hours of furious work outs, which more often than not do not yield results. So, isn’t there anything you could do to stay healthy at your desk jobs? You’ll be surprised at the simple things that would help you stay healthy at your work place.

Comfortable Sitting Position – Static postures at work place is a reason for many health ailments including a stiff back and in rare-yet-recurring instances, obesity as well. Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position and your laptop or computer is situated at a comfortable angle. It is important to take a break from work every few hours, relax your muscles. Try stretching or take small walks inside your building, this not only helps relax your muscles, but also your brain.

Carry a Water Bottle – Staying hydrated is most important to avoid both physical and mental stress. When you have a bottle by your side or on your desk at all times, it becomes easier to keep track on your water intake. Investing in an insulated water bottle is good idea if you like to carry hot coffee or cold juices to work. Look for a trendy and high on function water bottle, like Vaya Drynk, one that makes a great everyday accessory!

Break for Snacking and Lunch – When you have a desk job that doesn’t allow you to move much, you need to find ways to get up and move. Carry healthy snacks in containers, and break to have these in your lunch room. Nuts, dry fruits and even sliced vegetables and fruits make healthy snacks for a hectic day. Ensure you break for lunch at the right time. Invest in a lunch box, one that is insulated, and one that will inspire you to carry a home-cooked meal. This, on the long run, ensures you are eating mindfully and helps in controlling your portion size as well.

A few simple things done as a routine will help you manage an active lifestyle at work as well. A few short breaks from work and work station will improve your health as well as your productivity. Staying hydrated, healthy snacking and lunch, comfortable posture all seem like simple things, and in life simple things do matter a lot!