There is nothing more important to a parent than ensuring that their child is safe and protected. There are lots of things that parents do to protect their child, such as, baby proofing homes and rooms, getting all of their vaccinations, vetting their friends, etc.

Picking your kid’s water bottle is actually one of those areas that gets overlooked pretty frequently.  Parents at times simply look for a water bottle they know their child will use, and miss to think about what it’s made of, or what role it will play in their kid’s health. Although aesthetics and affordability play big roles, they are not the end all be all in the world of water bottles.

Here are a few pointers that do matter a lot when it comes to choosing your child’s water bottle –

  • Safety – Ensure the water bottle you choose for your child is free of BPA and other toxic chemical compounds. Look for labels that assure the drinkware is free of bisphenol compounds.
  • Size –You have to choose a size that your child can comfortably handle and one that will accommodate their daily needs.
  • Convenience – Look for easy-to-grip, leak-resistant and wide-mouthed bottles. Wide mouth bottles are easier to load and clean as well.
  • Aesthetics – Make sure you choose water bottle that would please your child. Choose vibrant colors and kids-approved patterns.

To sum it up, your kid’s water bottle has to safely transport beverages from one point to another without spilling, contaminating it, or altering it in unexpected ways. It makes a world of difference if it looks fabulous. Choose a water bottle that your child would love to use every day, for their school, all their activities and one that would work perfectly well for them!