What’s in your Lunch Box today? Runny dal, a parched roti or perhaps chewy prawns?  Well, that’s the story of most dishes packed into normal Indian lunch boxes. A lunch box is packed with the best of intentions but when the time comes to open the lunch box, it never lives up to its promise. Thankfully there are a number of ways you can avert this lunch-time disaster.


Identify problem foods

There’s a long list of dishes that do not taste all that great when packed in a lunchbox. But what if these dishes are the ones that we cook and consume on a day-to-day basis? Worry not. Cooking for a lunch box is an art but it can easily be mastered.With some easy recipe adaptations and smart thinking, you could make your afternoon mealtime all the more delicious. Here are a few super lunch box ideas that you can use.

Rice & everything nice

Pack some rice with rajma, kadhi, aviyal or a rich meat curry, anything that is not too runny and has a bite to it. Keep in mind that you must add extra gravy as rice absorbs the curry and has a tendency to dry up. You could also consider having chunks of veggies dunked in dal along with rice. Popular tiffin box ideas like lemon rice, sambar rice, curd rice and coconut rice also work well. Not to forget the delicious biryani and its equally delectable cousins, all packed in a smart srt lunchbox, one that will keep them warm and fresh.

Rotis get a makeover

Rotis for lunch is a typical idea that works great. However, dried-up rotis that are difficult to bite and swallow are an appetite killer. If you do wish to carry rotis in your lunchbox, give them a different spin. Add boiled and smashed veggies to the dough and wrap the cooked rotis in aluminium foil to retain heat. You could even consider kulchas and stuffed parathas that are sure to remain soft till lunch time.

Bread & Better

Who can deny that sandwiches pack a punch and are the go-to lunchbox option for people who have very little time for the kitchen? But these universally-loved eats have a tendency to dry out when stored. It is a good idea to have a damp cloth that covers the sandwiches for a couple of hours. You can also avoid watery veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers as they can make your sandwiches soggy. Grilled vegetables, leftover chicken and green chutney work wonders.

Leave the leaves!

Do you carry salads in your lunch box? That’s great. As health conscious as you are, resist the idea of throwing in lettuce and other leafy vegetables in your salad. It is best to eat these greens fresh as it will help avoid bacteria growth. Opt for a crunchy sprout salad instead.

Make a Timetable

As boring and tedious as it sounds, planning ahead will ensure that you eat a balanced, delicious and healthy meal during lunch time. Surely,  that is something you do not want to deny yourself.

For now, go ahead and tell us what’s in your lunchbox! We’ll love to know.