Kids demonstrate their utter lack of interest in food by bringing back their lunches untouched. When this habit becomes an unfailing regularity, it is an indication that lunches are bordering between dull and boring. You can easily break the monotony of an average day lunch menu by indulging in some interesting recipes that manage to be both healthy and delicious at the same time. Here are some dishes you can conjure up in a jiffy for your kids’ lunch box  on a regular week day –

Mixed Vegetable Upma – Many children, and a few adults, won’t be great fans of veggies. Sneak some veggies into an approved delicious dish like upma and you are all set for the 5-a-day rule of vegetables. Semolina, quinoa or broken wheat, all healthy, choose a variant a day and please the kids at home. Kids love crunchy, crackling elements, so pack some nuts separately in the lunchbox, for the snap, pop and crackle moments.

Potato Poha – This is a recipe which works best for both lunch and snacking. If the tiny at home is not convinced with dosa and idly alternating in their lunch box, poha could be a saviour. No kid says I don’t like potatoes, and they will be mighty pleased if you add some roasted cashews and groundnuts to the delicious potato poha. It is one dish with great textures, the soft poha a stark contrast to the crunchy nuts. Pack in a lunch box that will keep the poha fresh and warm until lunch time.

Pasta salad – All you need is a handful of ingredients and you are all set to make a crowd-pleasing dish in a jiffy. When you’ve decided it is a pasta morning, bring all those vegetables off your refrigerator that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time, sauté them in butter and add to your pasta, see how much a simple pasta with chunks of vegetables in lunch box can make your kids super happy!

Wheat Banana Pancake – You don’t need an elaborate pantry for a wheat banana pancake. With some handy ingredients, it can be done and dusted all in 10 minutes. Whip up the batter with whole wheat flour, mashed banana, an egg, milk, and some honey to sweeten it naturally and make them like you make dosas. Pack them with sliced fruits on the sides, and you will see your kids becoming biased towards this lunchbox dish of theirs.

Oats Idli – Delicious, fluffy and light, oats idli makes a great alternative to regular idlis when you don’t have idli batter. Add your own magic masala, fresh vegetables and rustle up these idlis all under 30 minutes.

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