No one ever expected that the lockdown, which started in March 2020, would continue for more than a year. Clearly, there is nothing that has not changed in just a span of a year. Parties, gatherings, businesses and education have gone through a significant transition. With everything going online, it is becoming convenient for people to connect, but at the same time, it is undoubtedly taking a toll on everyone’s health, both mental and physical. Sipping water or other hydrating fluids from your water bottle, stretching every few hours while you are working, and eating healthy are self care activities you could follow. 

Here are our ten tips for self-care that you should pick up this lockdown.

10 Self Care Tips That You Need to Pick Up This Lockdown 

1. Exercise


“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”- you must have read this line in your kindergarten storybook, and this line is absolutely a gem. The lockdown has changed our routines drastically, and it is not always possible for people to go to the gym or attend those fun Zumba classes in a group because of the safety issues. One has to spend 24 hours without any physical contact at all with the outside world, which can lead to lethargy, irritation and depression. But there are a few things that you can do to make it up to yourself, start with exercising. Devote 30 minutes of your day into exercising, and you would witness a change in yourself in just a week! 

2. Healthy Eating

healthy eating

Staying home for weeks and months can probably give you some excellent cooking skills. Well, that is what we end up doing when we cannot order in or eat whenever and wherever we want. Who wouldn’t love some cheese and deep-fried snacks every day? But that is unhealthy. So, make sure that you create a planner of what you are supposed to eat in a week and diligently follow that. Go for multigrain, brown rice and veggies as they will increase your metabolism and will give you all the required nutrients that you need at the moment. 

3. Pick Up a Hobby


Some people might just curse the lockdown because they are not able to go out. But some people cherish the time that they have received because of the lockdown. Many people went back to their hobbies, like photography, painting, cooking or anything for that matter. Hobbies do have the potential to make us happy. So, what was the childhood hobby that you want to reconnect with? 

4. Listen to Some Music


Music has the power to calm people down, give them company or just make them feel a thousand emotions at once. If you live alone and miss human interaction, then maybe try to play some of your favourite tunes and relive the memories. Or you can just video call your friends and dance to some Bollywood numbers. You can just make some chamomile tea in a flask, sip it all throughout the day, and discover some great music. 

5. Catch Up with Your Old Friends

old friends

The life before the pandemic happened was extremely different from the one that we have now. It was primarily fast-paced and kept people busy, leaving no time to connect with old pals. So, make this break count, call up your friends and have a great time! If the conversation goes on for hours, do not forget to grab a water bottle and drink from it!

6. Get into Skincare

skin care

You might think that since you are not getting much exposure to the sun, you have healthy skin? But you are wrong. As much as you are away from the UV lights, it does not change the fact that your skin is constantly transitioning every other minute. The summer season makes people sweat, and oily skin leads to a considerable number of pimples ready to invade your face. So, if you want to help your skin stay radiant and healthy for the longest time, then do not ignore skincare. Our skin needs hydration, so make sure that you are always using products that are crafted to provide hydration. Also  make sure to invest in an insulated water bottle of flask to stay hydrated from within!

7. Take time to realise your passion


Life has always been a small rat race, especially from the times when we lost touch with ourselves. You may be a teacher, lawyer or engineer, but what if your heart lies in something else? Ensure that you go on a journey with yourself, rediscover your passion, and channel it in a good way. 

8. Develop a new skill

new skill

If you always wanted to learn a new language; get into gardening; learn photoshop, or just open a small business selling bookmarks. You can do it now. Just get yourself enrolled for a course online and see the magic happen. By the end of this lockdown, you will be proud and happy about yourself and your little victory! 

9. Meditate


Focusing on work and academics can become difficult under a lockdown. But if you simply lose track of your life, you will find yourself in a big problem. In order to better focus on yourself, start by meditating for at least 3 minutes before you start your day. It will help you focus on everything that you have to do in the course of the day. 

10. Go for a walk


It is impossible to trap yourself inside your house 24/7, just like plants need air and light; it is the same for human beings as well. You must try to step out of the house or use your terrace to walk a little every day. If you do not walk or exercise even a bit in this lockdown, your body will start reacting in a very negative way.


These are a few tips and tricks that you must bring into your routine if you are trying to live through a lockdown. However, this list covers several different things that a person can do in the middle of a pandemic. But it is absolutely not mandatory to follow everything or be a master at everything. Take your time and come up with something that means a lot to you and will make you happy! You can basically do anything that makes you happy if you really want to be an ally of self-care!