There’s a debate between industrialization and consumer satisfaction and its impact on the planet. Among other things, plastic is an essential item in every household. It has its benefits. Plastic bottles seem to make carrying water lighter while occupying lesser space in your bag. However, BPA plastic water bottles are the prime concern for pollution. A good awareness among people has already begun, who take adequate measures to make surroundings better. If you are trying to practice a sustainable lifestyle and looking at shifting to better sustainable options, read on! 

1. Eco Friendly

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Using an eco-friendly water bottle, especially a stainless steel water bottle, you contribute towards helping the environment. It takes about 450 years for one plastic bottle to decompose once it reaches the bin. In places where people are not well aware of the proper recycling methods, dispose of plastic with regular household waste. And at least 75 % of the plastic bottles find themselves in landfills and oceans, adversely affecting other beings. If you make the right choice, you contribute to your safety, ultimately interconnecting with the environment!  

2. One Time Investment

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Buy a good quality flask or an insulated water bottle, and never worry about getting yourself packaged protein shakes on your way back home. If you keep buying a plastic bottle just for some water (which you can get for free at home), it ends up being nothing but a waste of money and a threat to the environment. Reusable water bottles are durable and come with a great shelf life. So you do not have to worry about getting another water bottle for a good ten years!

3. You Would Drink More Water

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It is a fact that if you are carrying your water bottle, you tend to drink more water than usual. Imagine asking for a glass or depending on a 250Ml water bottle to quench your thirst? That’s pretty much a disaster because the summer season calls for lots of water. Plus, if you are someone who ardently follows a skincare routine, then hydrating yourself becomes your prime responsibility towards your skin! The use of reusable water bottles is not only limited to carrying some water, and you can always keep on experimenting with some watermelon slushie, Aam Panna, Rooh-Afza, and more! So, if you still have not bought a good quality water bottle, then this summer is the time for you!

4. Maintains the Temperature of Your Drink

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Single use plastic water bottles are the worst when it comes to maintaining a stable temperature for your drink. But, an insulated stainless steel water bottle will save your day! So, you can just decide to make yourself some refreshing peppermint ice tea and carry it in your water bottle for the day! Make the right choice for yourself and discard using plastic water bottles because who wants to drink warm water on a bright sunny day? 

5. Great Designs

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If you buy a reusable water bottle, you are also welcoming yourself to a vast range of great designs, tall tumblers, sleek flasks, and quality water bottles! Along with the availability of beautiful designs in reusable bottles, you also get to avoid transparent plastic water bottles and jump into the pool of colors, textures, and patterns. The options are massive, and you can pretty much get any design you want on your bottle, starting from panda prints to mickey mouse or solid some blush pink. So, are you ready to jazz up your life with some trendy and stylish water bottles today? These water bottles are not only beautiful for you but also for the environment as you would never get rid of those gorgeous looks!  

6. No Risks

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The main element that messes up with plastic is the presence of a very harmful toxin called BPA. A recent study from the world health organization says that plastic fibers were found in almost 90 % of the plastic water bottles sold in the market today. So, when you are merrily drinking water (as you may think), you are drinking plastic. Plastic is terrible when subjected to heat and releases a mix of harmful gases, namely carbon monoxide, furans, volatiles, and other elements. So, when the water bottle comes in contact with the direct sunlight, it is bound to release some harmful toxins into the water you ultimately drink! 

7. Start a Revolution

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Climate change is increasing at an alarming rate. So, make sure that you take tiny steps to control the environment and make it a better place to live! Start your mini-revolution for the world by getting yourself and your family a reusable water bottle today!

Final Words

Environmental issues like water scarcity, pollution and plastic decomposition can be brought under control if people consciously change their lifestyles! We cannot heal from what has already been done, but we can look up facts, create awareness regarding the situation that the world is stepping in. Each one of us can play our part by reducing BPA plastic and using safer and sustainable water bottle options!