Children have different nutrient requirements when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Unlike older people, who can choose to skip their calcium intake for a few days and still be able to work without a speck of weakness, children need to have a balanced diet every day. The seasonal change affects your child’s overall body and makes them more vulnerable to catching a cold and flu. So, you must keep an eye on the seasonal fruits and vegetables and incorporate them into your child’s diet. If you think making kids eat their vegetables is a little difficult, try to add them to meals that are approved by kids – a casserole of noodles/pasta filled with vegetables, dal with veggies, warm parathas stuffed with veggies and so on.

Read this article to know more about the summer fruits and veggies that your child needs to build a robust immunity system! 

Fruits and Veggies Your Child Needs to Have This Summer

1. Mangoes


The summer season calls for mangoes, and probably this is that one no-fuss fruit that you can feed your child without hiding it inside a piece of bread. It is difficult to find someone who does not love mangoes unconditionally. But, it is not just about how tasty mangoes are; they also come packed with nutrients that are very important for the summer season. Firstly, mangoes provide a rich water content and, in turn, lots of hydration. Secondly, they have Vitamin C, which helps the body fight any bacteria, and improves vision. It also has a lot of fibre so, if your child has any constipation or gastric issues, then mangoes can help them get rid of it. At the same time, it improves digestion and promotes skin health.

2. Bottle Gourds

bottle gourds

You can feed your child fruits easily most of the time, but the real problem arises when it comes to vegetables. You can try as much as you want, but kids probably have a superpower, and they would find out those hidden chunks of veggies that they don’t like from their pasta. You cannot fool a child just like that. But, what is important needs to be done. The summer comes bearing a host of seasonal veggies that are important for your little one’s health. One of them is bottle gourd, you might have a difficult time making them tasty, but they come with a lot of vitamins and minerals. They are also a great source of fibre which improves bowel movement. Including bottle gourd in the diet reduces acidity, protects the liver, defends the system from urinary disorders and intestinal worms as well. To receive the maximum nutrition out of the meals, make sure that you use an hot case to keep the food warm. 

3. Watermelons


The second summer fruit that your child must have is watermelon. De-seeding the watermelon can take some time, but it is worth the effort. The scorching heat of the summer season can take a toll on your kids’ health, but a glass of watermelon juice can help them beat the heat. Of course, watermelons come packed with hydrating elements, but you would be surprised to know that it comes packed with Vitamins (A, B1, B6 and C). Watermelons are great for eyes and skin, and they are a powerhouse of energy. Vitamin B6 and C can help your kid to fight infections and build a stronger immune system. Apart from the Vitamins, Watermelons also have a tremendous amount of Lycopene and Citrulline, promoting a healthy heart rate, stronger bones, cardiovascular health, and blood circulation. 

4. Cucumbers


The main requirement for the summer season is hydration, and cucumber is the best thing that you can include in your kids and your diet. Due to the sun’s heat, our bodies sweat a lot, and in that process, we lose a lot of water content from our body. So, in order to replenish the water that we have lost from our body, we need to keep on drinking a lot of water and have fruits and vegetables that come with high water content. The benefits of cucumbers are not limited to just hydration as they also help in digestion, come packed with Vitamins (A, B6, C, E, K), thiamin, niacin and folate. It is a steady source of energy and helps form a solid structure of metabolism, and keeps the blood flow free. Cucumbers also ensure a high production of haemoglobin, which is very important for your child’s early years. Cucumbers are also anti-carcinogenic, which reduces any chances of cancer. There are more and more cucumber benefits, so it is a must-have for your child this summer season.

5. Grapes


If you can make your kid’s plate look beautiful, then there is a high possibility that they will eat it without troubling you at all. The same can be said about grapes. They can be easily had with just a fork, and they pop in your mouth and burst with a lot of flavours. Some are sweet, some are sour, and some are a mix of both. They also come in three different colours like green, black and purple, making them a very visually appealing fruit for your kids. Grapes are a great source of multiple vitamins and minerals, just like any other fruit. They also come packed with potassium which reduces the risk of kidney stones and helps maintain a healthy blood pressure. Having a glass of grape juice in a day can also help your kid to have stronger bones and promote tissue regeneration. It is important to include fruits and vegetables with a good anti-inflammatory content in a diet so that your kids are protected from any allergy-like watery eyes, runny nose or itchiness.

Final Words

These are a few of the many must-have fruits and vegetables that you should incorporate into your child’s diet this summer. The nutrient requirements need to be monitored when it comes to growing kids as they might react and need certain nutrients differently from other kids. The summer season is a host of multiple diseases, so make sure that you always go for regular checkups and eat warm and fresh food. Invest in sets of casseroles that can keep your kids meals warm on your dining table until they are ready to eat!