The Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19 has been labeled a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Because of its ability to spread faster than the normal flu, and to stay on surfaces for days, it is more important than ever to practice good hygiene and strengthen your immune system. COVID-19 is could be dangerous to people who have compromised immune systems.

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The need of the hour is staying indoors, maintaining proper hygiene, and eating a healthy and balanced diet. A healthy diet is important in these uncertain situations. Not simply because it gives you the nutrition you need, more so to keep your spirits high and anxiety at bay! Keep reading to know about a few hygiene practices and some foods that you can include in your diet to bolster your immune system.

Maintaining good hygiene

During this pandemic, it is essential to maintain discipline when practicing hygiene. This means you cannot slack off on the protocol, no matter how tedious they begin to feel. There are lots of hygiene practices you can easily carry out without them becoming an inconvenience.

Hand washing

Hand washing

Wash your hands for twenty seconds, or the time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. First rinse your hands in water, and then use a soap. Make sure you thoroughly wash covering even the area underneath your fingernails. Make children at home follow this as a habit.

Wipe down surfaces

Wipe down regularly all surfaces in your home that come in contact with a lot of people. Use a wet wipe or sanitized napkin to wipe off door knobs, handles and calling bell.

Immune System Bolstering Foods

Immune System

There are lots of foods that are capable of boosting your immune system, so you are better able to ward off infection and sickness. Your diet is the first defense in keeping your body healthy and preventing yourself from contracting cold and flu in general. Read on and maybe it’s time to update your shopping list.

Vitamin C Rich Fruits

Vitamin C Rich Fruits

Vitamin C is one of the best nutrients to bolster your immune system. You’re probably used to drinking orange juice when you have cough or cold. Vitamin C is essential for increasing the production of white blood cells, which are key to fighting off infections. The best facet of citrus fruits is that there are so many options to choose from and you probably get these in most shops nearest to you.

  • Oranges – Oranges are now available everywhere in the country. Make sure you eat at least an orange every day. Juices, salad or jam, oranges taste great, and make a great snack too!
  • Lemons – The easiest way to consume a lemon is to have a glass of juice. Make a batch and pour it in your water bottle or a thermos flask, so you can keep sipping it through the day! Not a fan of lemon juice? You can probably add the juice of half a lemon to your bhaji, chole and other masalas before you have them, and still get the goodness of lemon!
  • Kiwi – This fruit doesn’t just pack loads of flavor, it packs in plenty of health benefits too. A squash or a salad, the exotic fruit tastes great, and makes a great snack while you are working or reading a book!
  • Guava – Easily available, with loads of flavor and a distinct fragrance, this fruit packs in Vitamin C more than an orange does! A bowl of guava with salt and a pinch of chilli powder, and you are all set for reading that book, or finishing that project!

Not just fruits, a few veggies are loaded with vitamin C as well. Read on to know a list of veggies you could include in your diet every day –

Bell peppers

Bell peppers are loaded with vitamin C. Probably, twice as much as oranges. Now, you have all the more reasons to include bell pepper in your biryani, vegetable dosa and even in your sandwich.



Ginger is one of the best herbs to eat to boost your immune system. Ginger can also help to treat nausea and sore throats. Apart from adding ginger to your upma, khichdi and sabji, you can also add it to your lemon juice. An inch-size ginger piece along with honey brings in that flavor twist to your otherwise normal lemon juice.



Garlic is definitely an immune booster, thanks to its sulfuric properties, most notably, allicin. Garlic cheese or butter doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

The Wrap Up

While you are eating all things healthy, remind yourself to stay hydrated. A stainless steel water bottle by your side at all times is as good a reminder as the app on your smartphone! Your immune system depends on the quality of your diet, so get started today.