Summer is almost upon us, and with its onset comes the inevitable summer ready checklist. We all want to be at our best for the summer; that includes being both physically and mentally prepared. Everyone has their specific summer agendas that include their goals and aspirations, but there are somethings that should be on everybody’s summer ready checklist. With that being said, here is the ultimate checklist for preparing for the summer.

Water Bottle

With the onset of global warming and climate change, summers are hotter than ever. And the heat brings lots of hidden dangers with it. It is very easy to overexpose yourself to the sun and suffer from heat stroke or dehydration. Learning to cart a water bottle around with you during the summer months can literally save your life. Not to mention that developing good water drinking habits can help you manage your weight and stop overeating. To get summer ready, the first thing on your checklist has to be an insulated water bottle, one that you can use for your cold drinks, juices and water! Check out the slim, easy to hold and carry insulated flask from Vaya called Drynk!


Summer is the time of the grill master. Outdoor grilling is a completely underrated cooking method. It has its own series of health benefits. Grilling actually prepares the meat in a healthier manner than other cooking methods. It also imparts the food with a unique flavor that is hard to find year around. Gone are the days when this was a custom abroad. Now, we have many barbeque joints everywhere. Make sure you visit them if you are not able to do your own barbeque at home.

Travel Budget

The words summer and vacation go hand in hand with one another. Everyone should try to take a trip of some kind during the summer, even if it’s only a few miles away, so plan accordingly. Now is the time to start saving your money to prepare for that one excellent trip that will provide you plenty of fun memories in the times to come.


Sunscreen is another summer essential that you absolutely should not do without. The sun can burn your skin and cause cancer if you play in it for too long without permission. Make sure your sunscreen protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.

Get these things on your checklist ready and get all set for summer. Also, summer is the time for mangoes! Make sure you look up a whole lot of recipes to enjoy mangoes in different ways. Get summer ready and soak up the sun!