With the COVID-19 situation, working from home has become the new normal. Fitness at home, social distancing at grocery shops and eMeeting with colleagues have become a way of life! A week into quarantine life, and you realize with a pang of jealousy, how much you have enjoyed doing things that had once seemed like a trivial activity! Tea breaks at work, coffee hangouts with friends and the late-night cuppa in your favorite cafe, if you are missing out on all of these, you clearly shouldn’t be!

quarantine life

Here is a list of comforting drinks that you can whip up at home, and sip on while you get on the much-needed conference call with your buddies –

Dalgona Coffee – It’s trending all over the Internet, on TikTok, Instagram and Whatsapp. Probably nine out of ten contacts on your list are making Dalgona coffee today! Easy to make and delicious to drink, this coffee is quite similar to beaten coffee. Whip two teaspoons of instant coffee powder, a teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of warm water together until frothy. A generous topping of this frothy coffee mix over a glass of chilled milk and you have Dalgona coffee at your disposal. A perfect cold coffee for warm summer days, this drink doesn’t just taste delicious, but looks Instagram worthy too!

Dalgona Coffee

Tandoori Chai – Love your tandoori chicken and paneer? Here is a chai that’s as smoky as a tandoori paneer! You don’t need a tandoor to make this tea, but you need a small earthen pot to make this flavourful and fragrant tea! Bring out those earthen kulfi cups that haven’t seen the light of the day in months, clean them well and you are all set to make tandoori chai! Make your tea the way you like it. While your tea is boiling, heat an earthen pot. It has to be steaming hot, on all sides. Now place this pot inside a vessel. Strain your tea into the pot, and you will see how the tea is bubbling and oozing out of the pot into the vessel. Leave a lid on the vessel for a minute, just about the time the tea will need to absorb all the smoky flavour. Serve hot in an insulated tumbler, that will retain the heat and flavour of the chai until your last sip!

Tandoori Chai

Masala Milk – If you are not craving for caffeine and prefer a warm beverage that will boost your energy, then try this comforting masala milk this evening. With dry fruits and nuts, it is rich, delicious and aromatic as well. Mix and blitz a handful of almonds, cashews, pistachios and a few strands of saffron with 5 cardamoms together. Store this coarse masala powder in an air-tight containers. Boil milk. Add sugar along with 2 spoons of fragrant masala mix and simmer. Transfer to a tumbler glass, and enjoy the beverage that will cheer you up just like a stimulating conversation with your friend would do!

Masala Milk

Most people have their go-to beverage when they desperately need to get through the day, and at times to simply make them feel better! If all it takes is a cup of warm or cold beverage to cheer you up in times of social distancing, then make every single cup worth it!