It is not every day that you get the luxury of having home-cooked meals hot off the stove! There are times when you need to step out right after preparing lunch, catch up on work or finish chores before having lunch.

“Well, there’s the microwave!” You may think. All it takes is just a few moments to get piping hot food! But do you know that the convenience of the microwave comes with a cost?

Microwaves work on the simple principle of breaking water bonds to release heat which is passed on to food placed inside the microwave. While this reaction takes place, it’s also suspected that cancer-causing radioactive agents are released into the food and atmosphere.

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Microwaves also interfere with the molecular integrity of foods, thereby compromising on the nutrition. There are tests to prove that consumption of microwaved food decreases haemoglobin levels in the body and even interferes with the ratio of HDL (good cholesterol) to LDL (bad cholesterol).

The awareness about the disadvantages, or rather, fatalities of microwaved food has increased multifold in the past decade.

There are plenty of other options to ensure the food you cook remains hot even after hours! Of course, there are bulky hot-packs to do the job. But, this age is all about products with a smart and sleek design; compact cell phones have replaced bulky phones, flat screen LCD TVs have come in place of CRT televisions, and for that matter, almost all kinds of consumer durables have evolved to appeal to the new age.


It’s time for casseroles and hot packs to change too! The line of tiffin boxes from Vaya help keep food hot for hours on end! You can use Vaya Tyffyn as a casserole to store food to have later or on the go!

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