A hectic work week can take a toll on your system, isn’t it? There can be no greater way to relax and unwind than to indulge in some fun weekend travel. Once you’ve made up your mind to experience the magic a weekend getaway would bring, you’ll next need to be armed with the right tools for your upcoming adventure. However, what exactly do you need to enrich your weekend getaway experience the most? Read on to know more!

  1. Insulated Bottle: You most certainly need a good water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout your travel. A stainless steel water bottle that is well-insulated will serve as a faithful companion and will last a lifetime. But why do you need an insulated bottle? Well, an insulated bottle will help retain the freshness of your beverages apart from retaining the temperature. You can pour in some hot coffee and enjoy it hours later without re-heating. What’s more, you can pour some chilled fruit juice and gulp it down chilled after your trekking adventure. You’ll find your drinks the way you want them with an insulated bottle!
  1. On the go lunch box: With the beverages and water covered, it’s now time to pack in some healthy home-cooked food. A sturdy lunch box made of stainless steel, for instance, will be one of the top 3 best buys for your weekend getaways. Nothing can beat the satisfaction you get on relishing snacks in your travel breaks! Although you would want to try out the local food in various restaurants where you are headed, carrying some home-made snacks and light meal for your travel will make your ride enjoyable!
  1. DSLR Camera: Last but certainly not least is the DSLR camera which will help you take brilliant shots on your expedition. A DSLR camera is known to produce color-rich photos that really stand out. What’s more, it has interchangeable lenses so you can swap out lenses at your will to shoot in a variety of different situations. See vibrant sunset? Shoot wide. Need a close-up of that beautiful bird? Go telephoto! That’s the versatility that a DSLR brings. And, what better way to make memories than clicking pictures?

You need plan and invest on clothing, warm or cotton, depending on your destination and weather. You would also need to carry basic medication on all your trips. While you are planning on all these mandate travel paraphernalia, also include an insulated water bottle in the list! Choose a travel water bottle, one that is slim, and easily fits in your hand bag, back pack and your car door bottle slots as well, because staying hydrated during travel is much needed!