Planning for a short trip? Wondering what to pack for a day trip? We’ve prepared a travel packing checklist for a day out you will ever need. 

Travel is what makes us happy whether it’s a short trip or an extended one with your family or friends. Packing plays an imperative role while you travel as you can’t just land in a new place and go shopping right away. Despite planning for plenty of shopping, you will need some essentials like a water bottle to manage all the hustle. Especially when you’re going for a day out, you have to pay attention to things to bring. 

Day trips are a wonderful way to explore your nearest places and get a day off from the daily routine. One of the best things about a short trip is that you don’t have to pack a lot of things but there are some considerations to make concerning weather, the location, etc. And for that, you will need a checklist for a day out to make your trip a memorable one instead of a strenuous one. 

To help you be prepared for a fun day with your loved ones, we’ve compiled a checklist that you may think over… 

1. Pick the Best Day Trips Bag

trip bag

Yes, you may still need a bag while heading off to a day trip to keep your essentials safe and handy. With consideration to all of your needs, choosing the right bag is extremely important. If you’re going trekking, you may need a comfortable backpack with zippers or a drawstring. You will be needing a big one if you are going to carry all your needs into one bag. The kind of tour you are planning will determine the kind of bag you will need.

2. Maps & Guides


If you do not want to get lost in the middle of nowhere and there are some specific sights you want to see, it is better to carry along maps and guides. Having a printed map may seem outdated when you have smart devices but don’t just rely on GPS when you’re somewhere with no network. If you have a guidebook, it will be a lot easier for you to explore the place without worrying about going off-course.

3. Water or Beverages

drinking water bottle

Wherever you are heading, you always want to carry water with you to stay hydrated. An insulated water bottle will come in handy when you are out as you never know how long your day trip may be. You can also take along some beverages like lime water, smoothies, shakes, etc to stay happy and hydrated. Having a reusable water bottle will be of great use as you can refill it anywhere you get fresh water.

4. Snacks


You may not want to wander hungry especially when you are traveling with kids as they want something to munch upon every single minute. It will be good to keep a stock of snacks as buying them on-site can be unhygienic and expensive. Pack snacks in individual serving sizes to save you time and effort. You can pack fresh fruits, homemade trail mix, sturdy crackers, nuts, chips, in insulated food storage jars that can easily be served and enjoyed.

5. Electronics and Chargers


Naturally you will bring your camera and phone with you, but what if your devices run out of battery. Invest in a compact power bank or charger that will power up your devices and don’t forget to pack the cords. You can also carry along a spare battery for your camera to avoid last-minute regrets. Keep the electronics and chargers in a separate bag to get to them easily.

6. Medications and First Aid

first aid

If you are prone to ailments or on any kind of medication, be sure to bring your medications with you. Also, it will be good to have a First Aid kit ready with common medications and stuff. It will save you a stop at the convenience store that will save you time as well as money. You can easily find ready-made travel first aid kits at your nearby medical store and make one as per your specific needs.

7. Stash Some Cash


Though using your credit card is pretty easy, you may need some cash when you are traveling to a deserted destination. Depending on your day trip’s destination, it will be better to have some local currency tucked away in your backpack. Also, paying with cash is often a more cost-effective option as you can avoid transaction fees every time you use your card. Withdraw enough money to last a few days befire going on a day out.

8. Basics

basic packing essential

There are some basics that you will need regardless of the type of trip, the location, and the days you’ve planned. Some of the essentials include sunscreen, a rain jacket or umbrella, a hat, sunglasses, toiletry, chapstick, journal & pen, wallet, keys, ID & passport, a small flashlight, hand sanitizer, feminine hygiene products, light jackets, extra socks, toilet seat covers, extra clothes for kids, entertainment for the kids, etc.

9. Keep Warm

keep warm

While traveling to a destination with unprintable weather conditions, it is always good to be prepared. Before setting out for the day, keep warm clothing in your backpack even if you’re visiting in summer. You never know when a storm might hit and the temperature can drop quickly. A lightweight cardigan or a windcheater will work as such clothes occupy less space and warm enough to keep you protected.

10. Things You Want to Pack

things you want to pack

When you’re done with the essentials, you can pack the things you always wanted to carry on a trip. It could be anything like your favorite book, extra shoes or flip flops for that extra comfort, an extra dress for a change, and any accessories for those amazing photographs, any props if you are going for a shoot or something like that, and more. However, it is good to keep it light while you are going on a short trip.

With a checklist in your hand, you can pack quickly and be ready to go…