For years and years, families have been congregating in the kitchen and sharing bites of food over giggles and laughter. The Kitchen is the heart of every home. It is what makes a home. Then why not equip it with the best possible kitchen tools? Every Kitchen is stacked with the basic tools of pots and pans but here’s a list of best kitchen tools that you can add to your kitchen cabinet to upgrade it to the next level. So, instead of thoughtlessly clicking “add to cart” on your Amazon list of “dream kitchen essentials”, go over this list to identify the best ones. The time of spilling milk, dropping half of your chopped vegetables while cutting or making a mess in the kitchen, is over! 

The following advanced yet basic kitchen tools are here to make your life easy and your way around the kitchen as smooth as possible. 

Top 10 Kitchen Tools to Upgrade Your Kitchen

1. Wok


Uncle Roger loves his Wok! Don’t know who Uncle Roger is? Then you’re suggested to head over to YouTube to watch his videos and share the love he has for his Wok. Stir-frying vegetables have never been easier. Woks are here to save the day! Stir frying is one of quick cooking methods especially on a lazy moody day, and guess what? A wok can really make a difference! The tall sides of a wok help you toss the ingredients around easily without having them fall out. A non-sticky wok is perfect for a home cook be it a novice or an experienced one. A carbon steel one is good too. Beware! You’re about to fall in love with Woks! 

2. Grill Pan

grill pan

Grill your way into summer and even out of it. It’s grilling season all year long now! If you’re looking to have a small get-together or a barbecue night then get a larger size of the Grill pan that can fit over two stove burners. That way you will be able to grill both proteins and veggies at the same time. Saves time and serves delicious food in no time. 

3. Insulated Casserole


Keeping your food warm is of absolute importance, who doesn’t like a warm meal? Insulated Casseroles are effective kitchen tools to do exactly that! Plus, there’s so much variety. You can get them as a sets of 3-4, each of varying sizes or a big one with glass lid on. 

4. Stainless Steel Storage Jars

food jar

Plastic is a big part of your life, unfortunately. Your kitchen cabinets are always stacked with lines of plastic storage jars. But it’s time to cut down on your plastic consumption. Solution? Stainless steel storage jars. Replace plastic jars with stainless steel containers and what’s more? These stainless jars or ‘dabbas’ help you to refrigerate or microwave to your hearts content. 

5. Insulated Tumblers


Are you a coffee addict? Or maybe you enjoy a hot cup of tea every now and then at work? Then you have got to gift yourself an insulated tumbler this year. This is a God sent kitchen tool that keeps your drink hot for hours. You’ll find tumblers which are easy to wash, have lids and provide insulation for long hours.

6. Slow Cooker

slow cooker

Now, this is totally underrated when it comes to must have kitchen tools. If you want to enjoy tender chicken ribs for a party or perhaps make a yummy chili pickle then go buy a slow cooker now. Just throw the necessary ingredients in, turn the cooker on, and come back hours later to help yourself to delicious soups, spicy chilis, tender meat and even, to die for traditional casserole dishes.

7. Rice Cooker

rice cooker

Love fried rice? Well, you’re not alone! The quickest and easiest way to cook perfectly boiled rice is by using a rice cooker. Rice cooker makes cooking on tired afternoons so much easier and literally never ruins the rice. Wait! There’s bonus. It’s not just a “rice” cooker. You can cook a variety of whole grains in this cooker too. 

8. Flexible Cutting Boards 

flexible boards

Tired of your chopped carrots falling off the chopping board?  Still making a mess while transporting your chopped ingredients to the cooker? Almost cut your finger while chopping the onions? Get rid of this nonsense by getting yourself a kitchen essential – a flexible chopping board. A flexible chopping board makes it easier for you to transfer the items you’ve chopped to the cooker, bowls, plates or pans.

9. Dutch Oven

dutch oven

Having a party? But it gets a little difficult to prepare such a big batch of soup, a loaf of bread or even braised meat. Solution? A Dutch oven is an easy way to cook just about anything. You can use it to make pasta, simmered meat, delicious soups, pumpkin bread and more. Dream away! 

10. Food Processor

food processor

This is another must have kitchen tool. This tool alone can do a variety of cooking tasks. It can shred ingredients or slice meat. It can also puree and hence can be used to make mayonnaise, butter, sauce or even whipped cream. It can also chop or slice as many vegetables as you want in no time at all. Food processors are an awesome kitchen tool that can save you loads of time. Once you start using it, you’ll discover more and more of its uses and how it can solve your n number of cooking troubles. 

Last Words

With so many products available in the market these days, it’s really hard to decide which ones are essential kitchen tools and what you might only use from time to time. The above list of absolutely essential kitchen tools are bound to upgrade your daily kitchen into a modern one. With your kitchen equipped with these tools, you can glide your way through and cook in lesser time than you can possibly imagine. Cook away!