If you are a foodie and understand your palette the best, then it is apparent that you pack your meal wherever you go. If you are a parent with a kid who has to go to school with a home-cooked-meal, then using a lunch box comes off as a habit and it’s an everyday morning ritual to open and fill the tiffin boxes. But, are you using the right product? If you are using a plastic lunchbox, you should be aware of BPA- a toxic element that breaks down into the food kept inside and slowly attacks your health over time. And, that’s why you need to choose a BPA -free plastic lunchbox!

On the other hand, Stainless Steel LunchBoxes, are simply a smart investment. Want to know why?

Why Should You Switch to a Stainless-Steel Lunch Box?

1. Keeps Your Food Fresh and Hot

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For someone who is always looking for the common microwave everywhere, getting a lunch box which keeps the food warm is like a treasure chest. If you are someone who has a habit of carrying something to munch as a snack, or you work for hours and take a lunchbox, or you are trying to follow your diet and skip all the fast-food strictly? Then picking a lunch box which keeps whatever you pack for lunch fresh and hot is a compulsion. Pasta or Oats, an excellent stainless steel lunch box will keep everything the way you fill it.

2. One Time Investment

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You should think twice before buying a big mac with double cheese, but you should never think twice if you are thinking to switch from a plastic box to a good quality stainless steel lunch boxes as they are necessary. Glass lunchboxes can break easily, and with plastic there can be wear and tear issues. If you invest in a good quality lunch box once, it carries a shelf life of at least 10 years. So it is pretty much a good deal rather than buying a plastic lunch box every six months. 

3. Healthy for You

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How would you feel if you are carrying a gluten-free keto salad for lunch so that the green meal keeps you healthy? How would you feel to know that the plastic tiffin box that you are using releases BPA which disturbs your health over the years? Realising the harsh truth and making the switch to a BPA free plastic lunch box or even better, a stainless steel tiffin box is the right thing to do. You will not regret it after years.

4. Leak-Resistant

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No one wants to carry a lunch box which is not fit to hold a Dal or Red Thai Curry. Imagine working for 5 hours straight in your office, and right before you are about to take the much-needed break, you realise that your bag is leaking and it smells of rajma or chole on your table? Using a tiffin box that is weak and spilling the condiments all over the place can never be the right choice for someone who is active and always on the go. Choose stainless Steel lunch boxes, that are designed to be spill-free.

5. Portable

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A myth that prevents people from buying a stainless steel lunch box is that it is heavy. But the reality is that it is super lightweight and portable when it is packed with food. Kids can use the stainless steel tiffin boxes for the mid-day school meal as it will fit perfectly in a bag, keeps the nutrients alive and the food fresh. After all, this is precisely what a child needs while growing up. 

6. Eco-Friendly

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The news, media and everyday debates are full of climate change and the issues linked to it. Environment conservation and making the planet a better place to live for a few more years are extremely important. One of the few small steps that we can take from our home is opting for stainless steel boxes and bottles and replacing anything with plastic as an element. Plastic is non-biodegradable, and when burnt releases toxins in the air which lead to health issues. So, if you wish to save the environment, then choose the right product.

7. Prevents Growth of Bacteria

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Plastic Boxes or Bottles can leave a foul smell after using it for a long time. There is a reason for the rancid smell that is not visible to the naked eye, bacteria growth and mold growth. Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes, on the other hand, are 100% bacteria-free and easy to clean. So, pop them in a dishwasher and be rest assured that you would never find the smell of tomato if there is coconut in the box. 

8. Different Sizes

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‘Good things come in small packages’ might be right for chips and cookies. But, when it comes to stainless steel lunch boxes, they are available in all shapes, sizes and looks. Small, medium or big enough to big Biryani for two people, Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes got you covered. Steel Tiffin Boxes now also come in pleasing colours which give them a chic and smart look. 

9. Easy to Clean

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Lunch Boxes which are made up of Stainless Steel are easy to clean. A mild detergent and water is all you will need to clean a stainless steel lunch box.

10. Helps You Follow Your Diet

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For someone who wishes to strictly move ahead with a diet, getting a tiffin box is an urgent requirement. After all, no one has ever been able to avoid the Manchurian-fried rice combo available in the college canteen. But, you can, only if you make sure to pack your healthy and wholesome meal for the go. 


Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes are not just mere lunch boxes in which you carry your food. Instead, they are boxes of joy, demarcate healthy living and wholesome eating. Living in the 21st century comes with pros and cons. Technology has made shopping super convenient as you cannot fill your cart with just a few clicks. Buy a set of Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes for yourself and your family and friends today online.