Most people watch TV to relax after a long day. You might also binge on your favourite shows on the weekend. But if at a time like that, you misplace the TV remote, it can be quite inconvenient. But this is actually a common thing. TV remotes are very easily misplaced. You can use a smart Bluetooth tracker to keep tabs on where your TV remote is. These trackers are usually used on phones or house keys to locate them if misplaced. The following sections will help you find a convenient way to find a misplaced TV remote and not lose it the next time.

5 Easy Ways to Find Your Misplaced TV Remote

It is easy to lose the TV remote because once you are watching your favourite channel, you will not be paying much attention to the remote. But you are going to need it and so it is important to find it. If you are not sure where to begin the search, take a look at the easy tips given below.

1. Clear The Clutter


More often than not,your TV remote is hidden underneath the clutter in the room. The first thing you should do to find the remote is to clear all the clutter. If you have a lot of items in your living room or wherever you watch TV, it is very easy to lose the remote among those things. So, remove mugs, papers and other items on your coffee table or any other furniture around the TV and you will be able to find the remote.

2. Use a Bluetooth Tracker

bluetooth tracker

If you are tech savvy then this is the easiest way to locate your TV remote. You can use a device finder to do this. These are similar to key finders and can be added to your TV remote pouch. Once you have fitted the bluetooth tracker on your TV remote, you can use the app on your phone to set it up. When misplaced you can use the app on your phone to make the tracker ring!

3. Check the Couch


One of the most common places to misplace your TV remote is the couch itself. The remote can slip into a crevice in the couch or be hidden under the cushions, esecially if you spend a long time relaxing on the couch. If you do not use the remote for some time, then it can be misplaced somewhere on the couch. So when you cannot find it, check the couch thoroughly. Lift the cushions and the cover, if there is one. Check the crevices carefully.

4. Ask the People around You

people around you

Sometimes, when you are watching TV with several others, they might take the remote. If you do not know about it, then you might think that the remote is misplaced. So when you cannot find it, ask your family members or friends if they have seen the TV remote or have taken it. If they have it then you will be able to locate it immediately. Even if they do not have the TV remote, they can help you figure out where it might have been misplaced. 

5. Search all Other Rooms


When you cannot find your TV remote anywhere and do not have a Bluetooth tracker on it, the only thing left is to search every other room. Go to the areas in the house you visited while watching TV. Search the kitchen, check the bedroom and even the bathroom. You might have carried the remote with you and left it somewhere without noticing. Check the dining table and even the refrigerator, if required! You might have just left it there. Look at every corner in the house but do not search haphazardly. Work from the likeliest areas and then move on to other rooms. This will help you stay calm and you will be able to find the remote quickly.

Why Use a Smart Tracker to Find Your Misplaced TV Remote?

Trackers are really useful if you tend to misplace things. The TV remote is necessary and it will not do it if you misplace it for long. A smart tracker or a Bluetooth device does make life easier. You can easily go from room to room and search for the remote. But you might still not find it. If you use a tracker, you will be able to find the remote immediately. It will save you a lot of time and you will not have to run around the house, checking every nook and cranny. 

bluetooth tracker

All you need for the smart tracker to work is your phone. The technology is similar to that of a phone finder. There are various trackers and related apps available online that can be used to find your TV remote. Usually, these trackers have a range of about 30 meters or a 100 ft radius and if the remote is anywhere within that distance, it will be located. These device finders are battery operated. But once the batteries are fitted, they last for over a year. So you will not have to worry about the tracker malfunctioning due to low battery. Therefore, using a smart tracker is the best way to find the TV remote when you have misplaced it.

Final Words

Misplacing your TV remote can be very frustrating and lead to a lot of confusion. To avoid that, you can keep a specific place for the remote. For example, you can stick a piece of velcro on the back of the remote and use the other piece of velcro on some furniture. After changing the channel or adjusting the volume, you can stick the remote on your chair or wherever the other piece of velcro is. This will make sure that there is a very low chance of actually misplacing the remote. But, using a Bluetooth device is even easier. It is an investment that is going to make sure that you never misplace the TV remote again!