For many who love cooking, kitchen is a place of sanctity, where they are the GOD of the dishes they create. For some, kitchen is where magic happens and they feel empowered, and for others it is the place with a sense of belonging and where they unleash the creative genius in them. For a place you hold up so high, not just for cooking, it is only fair you splurge and lavish both money and love on absolute best.

When it comes to kitchen organization, half the job is well done when you choose your  kitchen storage containers well. While plastic, ceramic and glass jars have been waltzing in and out of the market,stainless-steel containers have remained a constant! Now with glass and steel containers, each having undue advantage and both being safe and BPA free, it all comes to how comfortable you are with handling these jars. Here are top 5 reasons why stainless-steel jars are hands down a better choice than glass jars –

  • Durability – Stainless-steel food containers have been used in Indian kitchens since time immemorial. If you talk to your grandparents, they will nostalgically recollect how their kitchen was filled with steel dabbas that lasted longer than you think it is possible and how easy it is to maintain them. On the other hand, glass Mason jars need to be handled with care at all times, and honestly, they are quite fragile. One moment you are reluctant to exercise control, you have to spend the next half hour accompanied by a dustpan and broom animatedly clearing out the mess created!
  • Insulated jars and containers – Stainless steel kitchen containers come with many advantages. If you choose well, and splurge on insulated steel jars, you will be fascinated at how utilitarian they turn into, not fitting into labels like kitchen jars or spice jars! These multi-utility food jars and containers are great as ready-to-eat lunch boxes for travel, work and your short-yet-liberating out-of-home sprees. They make amazing food jars for ready-to-cook ingredients like purees and gravy bases, and your dry condiments like spices, nuts and even pulses. Additionally, they are perfect as ready-to-serve casseroles for all your one-pot meals and gravies as well!
  • Aesthetically Pleasing designs – This is one make-or-break condition when it comes to choosing anything for your home. Stainless-steel jars come in many designs that complement your kitchen, are perfect on your counters and most importantly, look pleasing! There are stainless steel containers that look stunning on your kitchen racks, just as pleasing on your table and equally fabulous for carrying lunch every day!
  • Easy Portability – When you choose stainless-steel containers and food storage jars that are leak resistant, you can use them as a lunch box. Just pop the cooked food into one of these and carry with you when you head out. This popping-it-in-any-bag won’t work as well with high-maintenance-and-fragile glass jars.
  • Easy to use and clean – For most people out there, ease of use and comfort is a priority. When you are investing in kitchen paraphernalia, you need to buy food jars, utensils and canisters that are easy to use and easy to clean as well. Stainless steel food jars are a breeze to clean unlike glass jars which have to be handled with care always. Also, when you choose stainless-steel jars, they can be popped into a dishwasher as well unlike glass jars. Go for the wide-mouthed jars, that are great for loading, scooping and cleaning as well!

If you’ve had epic crushes on a shelf of painstakingly organized stainless-steel containers, partly because they played a significant role in your childhood and mainly because they are functional and a great value for money, it is a perfect time to shop online! Because there are jars that still hold the old-world charm of steel and yet the sophistication of technological modernity! Choose stainless-steel food jars that are visually pleasing, superbly functional, easy to use and clean and see how they make every moment spent in your kitchen completely joyous and quite fun too!