Did you know, a glass of water can help boost your brain function by about 14%?

Water doesn’t just help quench your thirst, but has a bigger impact on your health! You need to drink water to live, and you need to make sure you are drinking enough water to stay healthy and happy! While you are getting enough water, you have to also make sure it is coming from a good source that is clean and rid of any impurities. The only way to guarantee that you’re always drinking clean water is to choose the water source yourself. And, that’s why it is important that every person invest in a good reusable water bottle.

Owning a reusable water bottle has two main advantages:

  • It reminds you to keep drinking water.
  • It lets you choose the best water source available to take with you wherever you go.

Keep reading to know about different types of reusable water bottles to figure out which one is the best for you.

Reusable water bottles – A basic classification

Believe it or not, choosing the best reusable water bottle is not an easy task. There are lots of options out there, and it’s important that you read up on them to find the one that’s the most suitable for your lifestyle.

1.Stainless steel water bottle

stainless steel water bottle

Stainless steel water bottles are the best choice when it comes to reusable water bottles. They are great for the environment because they are durable and one hundred percent recyclable. If maintained well, chances are, you will have a stainless-steel water bottle for a few years without the need to replace it.

Stainless steel water bottles are also non-reactive – the metal will not leach any chemicals into your water or other beverages that is stored.

. Why a stainless-steel bottle is the best choice –

  • Stainless steel water bottles are BPA and BPS free, which makes them a healthy and safer option.
  • Stainless steel water bottles are recyclable and long lasting, which lowers your carbon footprint.
  • If insulated, stainless-steel bottles can keep your beverages hot or cold for a few hours straight. This is a great feature if you plan to carry other beverages like coffee, smoothies, soups, soda, juices in your bottle!
  • Thermoses are convenient to hold and carry. If double-walled, you can carry steaming hot coffee and still hold it in your hands without feeling the heat!
  • Stainless-steel bottles come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors.
  • Stainless steel bottles do not absorb odour or colors. You won’t have to worry that your water tastes like your chocolate protein smoothie from breakfast and also do a wonderful job in keeping your beverages tasting fresh.
  • Stainless-steel bottles are easier to clean. A brush with soft bristles and a mild detergent is all that you will need to scrub off the insides of a steel bottle.

Here are a few reasons why a stainless-steel water bottle might not work for a few people –

  • Stainless-steel bottles can be slightly heavier.

2.Glass water bottle

glass water bottle

Glass water bottles, like their stainless-steel counterparts, are recyclable and don’t leak harmful BPA and BPS into your beverage. However, glass bottles need to be handled very carefully, at all times. If you’re concerned that you will break your bottle while you are commuting or travelling, you might have to look at other sturdier options in water bottles.

Summing up, here are a few reasons why a glass water bottle is a good choice –

  • Glass water bottles are environmentally friendly, BPA and BPS free, thus safe to use.

Here are a few pointers on why a glass water bottle might not work for a few people –

  • Most glass water bottles are not double walled, which can make holding a bottle containing a beverage that is too hot or too cold unpleasant. And, condensation can be an issue too. It might make the bottle slippery, and accidental drops are a possibility.
  • Glass bottles are usually on the heavier side.
  • Glass water bottles are breakable; a few schools, gyms and yoga studios do not allow glass water bottles in the premises to ensure safety!
  • See-through bottles are not a great option at all times, you don’t want others to be thinking what you are drinking when you have your green smoothie!

3.Copper water bottle

copper water bottle

Copper water bottles look cool and are eye catching too. But people who choose to invest in a copper water bottle are less concerned with the aesthetics and more concerned with its potential health effects.

Research on copper water bottles has shown that storing water in copper for up to 16 hours at room temperature can infuse your water with antimicrobial properties. Copper has also been shown to have an effect on weight loss, as the chemical compounds contained in copper help to break down fatty tissue. Because these researches are not all conclusive, you need to put a lot of effort into your analysis before you make your buying decision.

Here are a few pointers on why a copper water bottle might work for a few people –

  • Copper water bottles have a unique and interesting aesthetic, it stands out from the rest of the water bottles.
  • Copper water bottles are durable.

Here are a few pointers on why a copper water bottle might not work for a few people –

  • Copper water bottles can leave a faint metal after taste in your water.
  • Copper water bottles are not the best choice for storing other non-water beverages.
  • There are a few researches which have demonstrated that copper intake over certain limits cause health issues! There is no way of knowing how much copper you are consuming.

4.Plastic water bottle

plastic water bottle

Plastic, generally speaking, is not a great choice for water bottles. Plastic water bottles are unsafe, both for humans and the planet! Plastic bottles also contain BPA or BPS, two harmful chemicals utilized in the plastic creation process. Although reusable plastic water bottles are recyclable, unfortunately, somewhere around 90% or recycled plastic is not actually recycled and ends up in oceans and landfills.

Here are a few reasons why plastic water bottles are popular in general –

  • Plastic water bottles can be aesthetically pleasing as they come in many different designs and colors.
  • Plastic bottles are available in cheap prices.

Here are a few reasons why plastic bottles may not be a great choice –

  • Plastic water bottles can leach harmful plastic compounds into your beverages.
  • Plastic water bottles are extremely bad for the environment. Although they are technically recyclable, they are rarely recycled in practice.
  • Plastic water bottles do not retain heat or cold well as they are not insulated.
  • Plastic water bottles are permeable and can retain odor and taste of previous beverages.
  • Plastic water bottles can melt if extremely hot beverages are poured into them.
  • Plastic bottles can hold on to stains, if you are filling it with pomegranate juice, you can still see the stains next day even after thorough cleaning!

5.Aluminium water bottle

aluminium water bottle

Aluminum water bottles are another popular water bottle choice, mostly because they’re colorful, extremely affordable, and lightweight. The problem with most aluminum water bottles is that their insides are lined with plastic to prevent the aluminum from leaking into the water. Aluminum can give water a tinny(?) after taste, that many people find unpleasant. But the plastic lining also contaminates your water with harmful chemical compounds like BPA and BPS.

Here are a few reasons why aluminum water bottles are popular in general –

  • Aluminium water bottles are extremely lightweight.

Here are a few reasons why Plastic Bottles may not be a great choice –

  • Aluminum water bottles lightweight and are prone to dents and damages.
  • Aluminum water bottles are often lined with plastic which can contaminate your beverage with BPA or BPS, which are unsafe.
  • Water might have a faint tin taste when stored in aluminium bottles.

What will you use the bottle for?

When buying a water bottle, it is best to choose based on your actual needs. Taking into account where you will be using the bottle, and what for will help you shortlist the best bottle from an overwhelming number of choices available!

1.Gym Bottle

gym bottle

If you plan to take the water bottle to the gym, it is probably best to invest in a stainless-steel water bottle that comes with a sipper lid for the following reasons –

  • It is the most durable, and there are no restrictions in gyms to use a stainless-steel bottle.
  • You can use a stainless-steel bottle for water or other protein drinks without worrying about safety.
  • You can choose an insulated stainless-steel bottle to keep your water or protein shakes cold!

2.Camping/Travel Bottle

travel bottle

A leak-resistant stainless-steel water bottle makes for a convenient travel bottle. Choose one which comes with a gulper lid and cups – comfortable for chugging the drinks down and convenient for pouring into cups as well! Here are more reasons why a stainless-steel bottle is great for travel/camping-

  • A cold or hot beverage, perfect for campfires, hiking and walking. Insulated stainless-steel bottles are a perfect fit for all of these activities.
  • Steel bottles can be double walled, they are comfortable to carry and hold unlike plastic or glass bottles.
  • Stainless steel bottles are easier to clean, rinsing with normal water is all is required most times. Cleaning a plastic bottle while you are out travelling could be a hassle as plastic bottles are permeable, and hold on to odour and color easily!

3.Water bottle for Work

work bottle

Although a simple plastic bottle looks like it would work for your office desk, it comes with the risk of leaching chemicals into your water. A glass bottle is high maintenance, and a small accident might embarrass you at your work place. A stainless-steel water bottle is the best option when it comes to everyday use for the following reasons –

  • Stainless-steel bottles are safe and durable, thus perfect for everyday use.
  • There are insulated stainless-steel thermos available that you can use for your cold water, hot chai, or a warm hot chocolate!
  • Stainless-steel bottles are easier to clean, and thus great for keeping in a locker or in the office if the need be. Rinse it with tap water and you can use it without any worry for a couple of days!
  • Stainless-steel bottles and flasks look elegant, and look great on your desk!

With so many different types of water bottles available to shop online, choosing one can become a bit overwhelming. But, that’s only the case until you do your research on which bottle will work the best for your need. Water bottle for gym, office or school, choose a bottle that is not just safe for you, but also one that will inspire you to keep sipping on water, the fuel you will need to stay hydrated, healthy and happy!