Drinking water is a part of our daily lives. It is a necessity. For this very reason, carrying a water bottle around is also a necessity. This water bottle stays outdoor for quite a long hour therefore it should be something that is not affecting the health. It should be safe to carry for long hours. There are plastic and glass bottles that are reusable but they are very toxic in nature. Not only do they affect human health but also very harmful to the environment. On the other hand, stainless steel water bottles are far better as an alternative. They are very strong and weightless to carry. They fit into bags easily and does not leak out the toxin. There are a lot of advantages of carrying stainless steel bottles for everyday use. 

Top 5 Reasons for Using Stainless Steel Water Bottle Every Day

Stainless steel water bottles have a lot of benefits. It is not easy to focus on any one of them. Given below are the top reasons as to why one should use a stainless steel water bottle, thermos flask, insulated water bottles every day. 

1. Easy to Clean

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Not only is the stainless steel water bottle sterile but also it is very easy to clean. Plastic bottles on other hand are made out of porous material which makes it impossible to clean out all the bacteria and tastes which allows the molds to grow back on the surface. But with stainless steel bottles, it is not the case. One can rinse it with a bit of soap water and it will shine like a brand new bottle.

2. Durable

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When it comes to durability and reusability, stainless steel bottles are by far the best option as compared to glass or plastic bottles. Since it is made up of several different strong metals, it is highly resistant to damage. If you drop it from big heights, it might have dents on it but that won’t interrupt the use of the stainless steel water bottle. Stainless steel is known to undergo passivation, which is the process in which the chromium present within the stainless steel starts to heal itself after being damaged or scratched when the oxygen is absent. This led to the conclusion that not only is the stainless steel bottle not irreversibly damaged but also it goes back to give the brand new and shiny premium look. 

3. Safe for Environment

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Stainless steel bottles are safe for the environment. Plastic bottles are used on daily basis and 80% of them are not recyclable. Then they end up as trash in the ocean and the streets. This is why stainless steel water bottle is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative. If we use more stainless steel bottle, the less plastic bottle goes into the ocean or streets. It is not only about being environmentally friendly but also that stainless steel can be recycled even after it is no longer usable. Therefore, it is finally time to buy more stainless steel water bottle than that reusable but toxic plastic bottle which is harmful to humans as well as the environment. 

4. Premium Look

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Plastic bottles cant be changed when it comes to their looks. There is no opportunity to personalize them according to convenience. This definitely doesnt seem like a big problem but well, it doesnt hurt to have your own style. Whereas, coming to stainless steel bottles, there are so many options in terms of design and colors available in the market that it is difficult to find something that you won’t like. It might happen that one ends up buying more than one stainless steel water bottle depending on the mood and the occasion. 

5. Can Control the Temperature

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Nothing can be worse than sipping on hot water from the bottle when it’s summer or drinking chilled water from the bottle when it’s winter. The plastic bottle doesn’t control the temperature of the water. Whereas, stainless steel bottles, that are doubly insulated which allows the drink to remain cold for 12 hours in summertime. It is not only applicable for summertime but also winters. Due to double insulation, the stainless steel bottle can keep the water hot for up to 8 hours on a chilly day. 

Things You Should Know Before Buying Stainless Steel Bottle 

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  • They are not bulky at all like it is presumed. 
  • They give you the privacy to carry any other beverage. With a stainless steel bottle, there is no way of showing your coffee or other beverages inside it.
  • Investing in stainless steel bottles is cheaper in the long run. The plastic bottle wears out in few months but not the case for a stainless steel water bottle. They are durable and sturdy so they can be used for three to four years easily. It is a big save.
  • Stainless steel doesn’t leave any taste when any other drink is poured, unlike plastic reusable bottles which retain the taste. It retains the taste and also allows the bacteria to set in.
  • A stainless steel water bottle is BPA-free which means it has no toxic substance, unlike plastic bottles. 
  • Stainless steel is punctured proof and they are easy to fit into your luggage. 


Therefore, these are the benefits one can have by using stainless steel water bottles, thermos flask, insulated water bottles on a daily basis. In spite of increased awareness, people use plastic bottles on a daily basis and this has some serious impact on the environment which everyone fails to realize. It takes several hundreds of years to decompose but within that time the whole ecosystem is destroyed and remains in massive danger. Apart from the environment, it puts marine life at risk and is causing extinction. It is killing fishes and other sea water creatures by cutting off the oxygen supply. Taking all of these into consideration, stainless steel water bottle seems to be a much wiser and rational alternative that saves humans as well as keeps the environment safe.