The 21st century looks like the era of busy and engaged generation all immersed in one smart device or the other! People are spending more and more hours sitting inside a building at a desk, typing away in front of a computer screen. And when they’re not in front of the computer there are a thousand other distractions and devices that distract you. Unsurprisingly, this lifestyle may not be the best thing for overall health.

It turns out that environment and day to day activities have a direct effect on health, specifically, your stress levels. Stress plays a key role in overall health; stress levels can cause your blood pressure to elevate alongside your heart rate. It can also cause muscle tension, anxiousness, moodiness, fatigue, feelings of helplessness, and even suppress the body’s immune system.

Getting out of the office and getting back to nature is a great way to reduce stress naturally. Research has shown that being in nature or simply even viewing scenes from nature can reduce levels of stress, fear, and anger. Exposing yourself to nature doesn’t just help you feel better emotionally, but it also improves a person’s physical wellbeing. It does this by reducing blood pressure, lowering the heart rate, alleviating muscle tension, and decreasing the production of stress hormones.

Nature doesn’t just play a role in healing the human body, it also can be very soothing, both mentally and physically. Human beings are genetically programmed to be enchanted by tress, water, plants, and other beautiful elements of nature. Studies committed on recovering surgery patients found that patients responded to pain better when showed pictures of nature scenes.

Why It’s important to take a break from your work

But perhaps the most important benefit of getting outside and enjoying some time in nature is that it gives your body the time to decompress and recover from the stress of working in the office. This is especially the case when it comes to a person’s eyes. The constant screen time is causing more and more people to need glasses at earlier points in their life. By taking some time to walk around and enjoy natural light, you are investing in your long-term health. Make sure you take your deserving snack and lunch breaks away from your screen. Try and have your lunches outside at least once a week. You can make it happen by carrying your lunch in an insulated lunch box, so you can choose a spot that is closer to nature for a quick meal!

There are many options for getting outside and into nature; you don’t have to go on a deep exploration or camping. There are plenty of options right in the city. An hour or two a couple days a week in your local park can go a long way to keeping your mental and physical health stable. If you think you cannot accommodate a walk in the park too often in a week, then make sure you get out of confined spaces of your work for some fresh air break!