There are some duos that are truly timeless; they’re loved simply due to their amazingness. Idly and sambhar, batman and robin, peanut butter and jelly, Tom and Jerry, the sun and the moon, are a few duos that are incredible in their own way! As great as these duos are, they just do not measure up to masala chai and pakora on a rainy day. Just ask literally any Indian about how great masala chai and pakora is. They will explain that it is one of the most natural and amazing combination in the world, that they have been eating all their lives.

The best part about monsoons in India is how you can enjoy it with a steaming hot cup of tea and a bowl of warm pakoras. The next best thing is making a pot of tea and storing it in an insulated drinkware so you can enjoy the weather outside while sipping your favorite tea!

Masala chai is essentially, India’s response to the world’s tea fascination. The love for the milk tea brew made using a wide variety of spices is an emotion collectively shared by people across the country! There is an endless variation of chai available, just about every chai wallah has their own chai recipe, including the herbal chai, so you can take your time to find the chai that best suits your pallet. Chai and chai wallahs are an integral part of most cities. Not only are the tea shops shelters from the rains but also make warm meeting places for friends, colleagues and acquaintances. And where there is a chai wallah, there is most probably a pakora stall somewhere nearby.

The types of pakoras served across the country are just as wide and various as masala chai. Crunchy on the outside and soft in the center, pakoras taste great with both chutney and sauce. The best part is how you can make it with chicken, or a mix of vegetables you love or simply just onion. The deep-fried snack can be made in variations and you can simply not settle for just one!

The invincible combo

The versatility of masala chai and pakora is one of the reasons that they complement each other so well. You can find the perfect chai to suit your pallet as well as the perfect pallet suiting pakora. Then you can take your time sipping on your chai and eating pakoras while it is raining outside. Can anything sound more relaxing and flavorful?

There is no other duo, especially food duo, with amazingness of the pakora – masala chai combination. If you disagree, it just means that you have not found the correct combination of pakora and chai and you need to continue on your journey on finding that out.