Parties are incomplete without a big table full of food. Start with starters, go for the main course, end with desserts and a beverage to go with it. It is fun to host a party in any case, but deciding the menu is the most crucial element as most of the time, food is all that we remember and all that we want and look forward to at a party. Healthy or cheesy but has to be simply delicious, as that is the key to a good party!

How to Set Up Your Party Menu?

1. Nachos


A dish from northern Mexico served as an appetizer and as well as a bar snack. This dish is all that you can want an evening snack to be like. It is crunchy, has a filling of vegetables, and is held with a cheese dressing. Ingredients typically used are – tortilla chips (storebought or homemade), diced tomatoes, onions with a hint of lemon juice, and some cooked kidney beans for a protein element. Use your casserole without the lid to serve. Set the nachos first, followed by the vegetables and kidney beans, Finish it with some cheese sauce and some olives.

2. Fish & Chips

fish chips

A classic dish of fish and chips takes the spotlight instantly. Who wouldn’t love a plate full of fish and chips? Get some fish fillets, make a batter using flour, some beer, and seasonings, take some dry flour on another plate. Once all the components are ready, heat a pan with a lot of oil, cover your fish in the dry flour, dip it in the batter, and deep fry it. Once it is ready, take your fish fingers out and add the french fries as a side in a hot box. You can also serve it with a tartar dip. After all, Fridays are fish and chip days.

3. Tomato and Ricotta Bruschetta


Bread and Cheese are the two most essential components of any Italian dish. Start grilling some Bruschetta on a pan with butter. Meanwhile, get some cherry tomatoes, drizzle some olive oil and fresh parsley on top in a baking tray. Toss it into the oven for 3-4 minutes at 200 degrees. Prepare, your layer of mozzarella and ricotta with some pepper. Once all your elements are ready, rub some garlic on the bruschetta, then spread a layer of sun-dried tomatoes, followed by the cheese mix and baked cherry tomatoes. Drizzle some olive oil before you serve. Stack them up in hot boxes and your beautiful and incredibly fresh snack is ready!

4. Chicken Drumsticks


One of the easiest and lip-smacking dishes that you can put up on the menu is Chicken Drumsticks —a simple recipe using chicken legs and spices. Marinate them for a good 5 hours, to get the chicken pieces to be tender, juicy, and succulent. Grill them on a barbeque right before you are about to serve. Garnish with some coriander, lemon juice, and serve with a side of green salad. 

5. Spring Rolls

spring rolls

Spring rolls are perfect if you and your guests are in the mood for a good crunch. A deep-fried wrap rolled and filled with noodles, or any filling of your choice is the easiest definition of a spring roll. Serve it with some green onion and red garlic chili sauce. Keep your hot case ready in case your friends might want to take some home. Get your Saturday night rolling with some Spring Rolls. 

6. Grilled BBQ Cottage Cheese

In a mood to have some vegetarian protein? Cottage Cheese, Onions, Capsicum, Tomatoes marinated in Tikka Masala and grilled on skewers, served with coriander chutney. A perfect dish to hit your tastebuds with the right smokey sensation. 

7. Honey Chilli Potato

chilli potato

Inviting a crowd full of people who are always at war when it comes to food? A battle between savory dishes and sweet dishes? Adding the right balance of sweet and spicy seems like a good idea? Then get your pan, add some onions, chili, capsicum, and stir fry them for a few minutes. Then add some soy sauce, tomato ketchup, and honey. Mix them all until you get a good plate of glazed brown potatoes with the right zing of sweet and spicy, Top it off with some sesame seeds and serve them in an insulated casserole

8. Mixed Nuggets Bowl with a Dip Platter


What is better than a big bowl of nuggets? A bowl that is full of different nuggets! It is almost like a surprise in your mouth because they all look similar, and you never know what is inside until you take a bite. Organize a bowl with – cheese nuggets, chicken nuggets, potato chili shots, garlic shoots, vegetable nuggets, and simple corn with spinach nuggets. Serve them all together in a hot box before your guests arrive. You can also have a plate full of different dips like chili, sweet honey, mustard, mint, tartar, etc. Life is full of surprises, and so should your nugget bowl be. 

9. Pizza Puffs

pizza puffs

Pizza as an appetizer is a big no! But what if you want the same taste but with some crunch? Then make some Pizza Puffs. Cheese and Tomato filled in puff pastry shells and baked till they are crisp. A bite of the pizza puff is like divine intervention. Get your guests on the next flight to Italy already. Do not forget to keep them in a hot case and keep them fresh!

10. Vanilla and Graham Crackers with Canolli Dip


Cannot have all savory and no sweet. So, arrange some Vanilla and Graham Crackers with Canolli Dip. For the cannoli dip, get some ricotta cheese, cream cheese, vanilla extract, and a surprise element of chocolate chips or butterscotch crunch. The dip itself is so tasty that you can even have it without any crackers. The dip also goes well with waffle cones or chocolate cookies. Serve it as a wrap-up dish or just have it in the middle when there is too much savory.

Final Words

Make some of the craziest party snacks and see your friends drooling. All good things come to an end, but happiness comes out of the box when you least expect it. So, keep some extra snacks and store them in a hot box or a casserole, so you can have it later when hungry!