Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a multi-utility jar for the multi tasker in most women? You know well, every woman out there is looking for that one perfect storage jar that not only looks good in the kitchen but works well too.

Check what this famous Instagram blogger and PR has to say about her addiction to Vaya Preserve food storage containers. With Mothers’ day a few days away, you now know what to gift your favourite person in the world right?

Perfect for kitchen organization, Preserve kitchen storage containers can be used to store pulses, grains, spices, masalas and even tea and coffee powder. Air-tight and insulated, these food jars are also great for storing your ready-to-cook kitchen condiments like purees, pastes and even jams and marmalades.

While these jars are great for your kitchen, they also make amazing on-the-go meal carriers. Available in different sets, these jars are perfect for your meal combos like – idly and chutney, idly, chutney and sambhar, biryani with a gravy and raita, noodles with a sauce, soup and a dessert. With double-walled insulation, these food storage jars are great for even crisps, nuts, dried fruits and even ice cream.