Insulated water bottles are popping up everywhere now. You’ve probably seen most people lugging around a thermos or a water bottle made of stainless steel recently. Insulated bottles and flask retain the temperature of its contents. It means that a thermos flask or an insulated water bottle keeps you hot chai hot and cold juices cold – just how you’d prefer to have your beverages. This is just one of the reasons that insulated water bottles are superior to normal plastic water bottles. But the benefits of insulated water bottles do not stop there; there are plenty more:

Insulated water bottles are great long-term investments

One of the best reasons to buy an insulated water bottle is that it saves you money in the long run. Ideally, you only have to buy one of these bottles one time. Stainless steel is way more durable than a plastic bottle could ever hope to be. It’s heat resistant, cold resistant, and won’t crack or break if you drop it. An insulated water bottle might cost a little bit more initially, but it will pay for itself over time since you won’t ever have to replace it

Insulated water bottles are free of chemicals

Insulated water bottles are made of stainless steel, which means they are chemical free. Plastic is made using a chemical process, and certain conditions can cause some of those chemicals to leak into the contents of your water bottle. It is these chemicals that are responsible for the strange taste or smell you sometimes notice when drinking out of plastic water bottles. If you are using a plastic bottle, make sure it is free of BPA.

Insulated water bottles keep your water pure 

Another reason to stick to insulated, stainless steel water bottles is that they protect the purity of their contents. Not only do they avoid leaking chemicals into your water, they also don’t retain any of the aspects of prior contents. Plastic water bottles are infamous for smelling or tasting like the last thing you had in them. That includes any soap or detergents you used to clean them. Other metal bottles like those made of aluminum also cause chemical reactions which causes that metallic taste you’ve probably experienced before. Stainless steel water bottles avoid all of these hazards and keep your water and other beverages pure.

Insulated water bottles save the planet

Perhaps the most important reason to invest in an insulated water bottle is that it does a lot to protect the planet in this era of climate change. People buy millions of tons of plastic every year, and plastic water bottles make up a large part of plastic waste. Switching to a reusable bottle will go a long way in reducing your individual carbon foot print.

With insulated bottles available now in trendy and slim designs and in vibrant colors, and posing so many advantages over plastic bottles, the decision to switch to a stainless-steel bottle becomes easier. If you are looking for an insulated stainless-steel water bottle that is handy, looks good and works exceptionally well, check out Vaya Drynk today.