Plastic has invaded the lives of many, just like a dozen other trappings of the modern lifestyle. From plastic bags to water bottles cutlery and lunchboxes, it has unknowingly made a place in most houses simply because it is inexpensive and easily available. Bordering on being supremely unsafe, plastics have disrupted the wellbeing of both the environment and humans.

There are several analogies used to describe the threats that prolonged use of plastic could result in and in simple terms they translate to being toxic and harmful. The top 5 reasons why you need to ditch plastics are –

  • Plastics leach chemicals into food, beverages and everything they come in contact with. The chemicals leached are toxic and have diverse effects on humans, and the planet too. In fact, there is no such thing as safe plastic.
  • Recent studies and researches state that several types of plastics are carcinogenic and traces of endocrine disrupting chemicals are found in them. Although not radioactive, plastics are still hazardous and best avoided, especially around children.
  • Plastic jars, lunch boxes and water bottles are basically unsafe to store hot beverages and food. When plastic comes in contact with heat, the chances of it leaching chemicals is around 50 percent higher. You don’t want to end up with a plastic lunch box or bottle whose credibility is still in debate and particularly when it does nothing more than looking cool.
  • Cleaning plastic containers, lunch boxes and water bottles could be a hassle as plastic tends to retain odors and also stain easily. You won’t be thrilled to taste the previous day’s masala while you are eating today’s khichdi, will you? It could be a task to get rid of the smell of the orange juice you had last evening from your plastic water bottle!
  • Plastic piles up making the planet an unsafe habitat. It is not biodegradable, which means it doesn’t go away and you can never get rid of it completely.

One simple way to minimize the use of plastic in your life is by choosing healthier alternatives like stainless-steel lunch boxes containers, cutlery storage jars and water bottles. Although glass is another option, unlike stainless steel which is easy to clean and carry around, glassware is not. Also, there are stainless steel water bottles and lunch boxes that can retain temperature and store food fresh for several hours. Double walled, an insulated tiffin box or water bottle can keep your food and beverages hot, while also making it easier for you to carry them! Every initiative starts with small steps and eliminating carcinogenic plastic from your lives is a great first step towards leading better lives.

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