Stainless steel and insulated lunchboxes are all the rage these days, and for good reasons. A stainless-steel lunch box outranks both its plastic and glass brethren. Stainless steel lunchboxes are durable, don’t poison your food, and keep your food insulated the best.

There really isn’t a reason you shouldn’t already be using stainless steel containers. But if you do need another reason, then try this: insulated stainless steel lunchboxes are perfect to cart an entire meal around, while it does the best in keeping the food warm and fresh. Now who doesn’t like a warm meal?

Here are 4 dishes that will allow you to explore international cuisine for your lunches –

Mala Tofu

Mala is a type of spicy Chinese sauce, and it tastes good on just about anything savory. You can make an entire meal using tofu, bean curd, sesame oil and mala chili by cooking it inside of your thermos. Just make sure you clean it thoroughly between meals or you might burn your taste buds on accident.

Seaweed and Tofu Puffs with Egg Soup

This meal is healthy and light – the perfect meal to not bog you down and force you into a post lunch nap. This dish does require dashi, a type of Japanese soup stock. You can find it at the store with no problem. If you are finding it hard to locate dashi n your nearest super market, remember, you can also make your own version of it.

Cabbage and Egg Porridge

You’re probably used to making porridge in a pot like your grandmother, or her grandmother, or her grandmother did. You’d be surprised to know that one-pot meals are the rage now. If you can add all ingredients to one pot and cook in one shot, not only are you saving time, but your energy on cleaning up vessels as well! This porridge tastes great for lunches, specially n days when you are not up to eating elaborate courses. Just pop them on to an insulated food containers and you are all set for a simple yet delicious lunch.

Mushroom Quinoa with Onsen Egg

Quinoa is a fantastic cereal grain to learn to love. It has all types of health benefits that come from its prodigious nutrient profile which includes protein. If you’ve not experimented enough with quinoa apart from an upma or idly, it’s time now. This dish makes for a sumptuous breakfast and will be perfect for brunches as well!

Insulated tiffin box takes meal experiences to another level. No one ever said no to a warm and fresh lunch, and keeping your lunches warm is best done by insulated lunchboxes! Go get yours today, and explore cuisines that will make you crave for lunch breaks!